Welcome To The New I Love Memphis Blog!

Same blog you love—plus new features and a new design. 

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody!

I’m excited to show you the new and improved I Love Memphis Blog that launched TODAY. I hope you love the new design as much as I do.

As with anything new, there may be some kinks to work out. If you see something weird, just drop me a line at [email protected] and we'll get it worked out. 

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Phillip Van Zandt

Here's what you need to know about the new site: 

5 Things To Do This Weekend

First things first, the "5 things to do this weekend" guides aren’t going anywhere—in fact, it’s even easier to find on the homepage. The 5 Things To Do This Weekend list will update every Monday, so you can plan ahead for the weekend to come. 

New Illustrations

We worked with local design studio Pretty Useful Co. to create new illustrations and updated artwork that you'll find throughout the new website. They're the same Memphis artists who created the I Love Memphis Blog logo you see everywhere and several I Love Memphis murals around town. Check them out!

Weekly Blog Schedule

It's not only the design that's new! We have a new weekly schedule. This isn’t everything that will be on the blog, just features you can expect every week.

Again, there’s more that will publish on the blog during the week but you can count on these!

Blog Topics

Looking for something family friendly? A great bar? Something for lunch? Something do to in East Memphis? The new "Blog Topics" section helps you  browse the site and find what you're looking for. 


I love sharing stories from our blog contributors. You’ll see those publishing regularly as usual, and maybe even more often. We may even be looking for some more contributors and writers very soon…stay tuned.


Searching the blog is easy. There’s a search bar at the top of the page, and the results are more refined than they were on the old site. (For example, no past events.) It may take a few more days for this feature to settle in.


We have a swanky new events calendar. Right now it’s sparsely populated because of the pandemic, but it's going to come in handy.

Comments and email subscriptions

If you are a current blog subscriber, there will be an interruption in service. I’m so sorry. It’s just part of the deal with the new site. Stay tuned and we will have that back up and running soon.

If you left a comment on the old blog after Jan. 1, it will not appear on the new site. This doesn’t mean it was intentionally deleted, it was just a part of the transition. Let me know if you have questions.

A Huge Thank You

The I Love Memphis Blog wouldn't be possible without all your love, support, and shares. It's the readers who make this thing special, so thank you! And Happy Valentine's Day! 

About the Author

I’m Holly Whitfield! I'm the editor of the I Love Memphis Blog. I love Memphis with a passion, and I'm determined to share that love with the world. 

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Jacqueline Hodges

I am just signing up to your site because we are relocating to the Memphis area from Ridgefield CT in March. I lived in Germantown in 1987-1989 until we were transferred by IBM to CT. My youngest son was born in Memphis and he returning with me to his birthplace. We are so excited to be returning. I'm not sure where we will be living as yet. I want somewhere in the greater Memphis area, definitely not Germantown. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

February 14, 2021 3:05pm

Hailee Dale

I can't wait to see more of your stuff. I just moved to memphis and would love to know more about this wonderful city!!! ❤️❤️

February 17, 2021 4:41am