I Love Memphis Disclosures and FAQs

I Love Memphis Disclosures and FAQs


This blog's content is created and maintained by Jalyn Souchek, who is employed full-time by Memphis Tourism. All opinions are those of the author.

Information posted here is accurate at the time it is written. If you notice any mistakes, please contact Jalyn here.

Submitting information (press releases, samples, products, suggestions, invitations) is welcome and encouraged, but doesn’t guarantee a post or review on the subject.

Keep in mind also that reviews will be fair, but honest. The author isn’t paid to feature specific content or give positive reviews. Sometimes the author receives free products, tickets, or services; this does not guarantee a review of that product, event, or service, or that the review will be positive.

If you have any additional questions that aren't answered here or in the Frequently Asked Questions below, please email Jalyn at jalynsouchek@memphistravel.com.



Who are you? I’m Jalyn Souchek, and I moved to Memphis in May 2019. I moved here to work as a morning TV news reporter and I quickly fell in love with Memphis faster than a rom-com. Before I came to I Love Memphis, I worked for many years as TV journalist before making the jump into PR and marketing.

Why do you love Memphis? Memphis has an amazing energy to it that is hard not to get sucked into it from the people making the best food in the world (this is a fact to not be disputed), the spirit of generosity and giving, the love and rich history of music, and the feeling inside FedEx Forum during a Grizzlies game. There is so much to love.

What's your real job? This is! I run this blog and all social media accounts associated with it full-time as an employee of Memphis Tourism.

If you're getting paid to love Memphis, how can I know that your love is for real? I have always advocated for Memphis and tried to highlight everything we have to offer since my days in TV and this is another platform to do that. Myself and our content creators make the decision on what to post and we are not directed in the content we choose to create.

Where’s Holly? Her answer in her own words.

How many people write and take photos for I Love Memphis? Myself and Content Creator Tyra Johnson are responsible for most of the content for the blog. Many of the beautiful photos you'll see are from our talented Digital Marketing Director Alex Shansky. There are also a handful of collaborators working to make this blog a success by coming up with story ideas, and I sometimes have guest bloggers or photographers. We're looking to build those numbers even more (see next question!).

I’d like to write a guest post for the blog. How can that happen? We are always on the search for new voices to help contribute to the blog! If you have something positive, helpful, or interesting (it has to have a strong, direct connection to Memphis) to share, pitch us a story idea here or at [email protected].

I’d like to tell you about something cool in town/my band/my event/my product. What types of things are you looking for? I’m looking for things that are uniquely Memphis, things that I find interesting, things that the readership would want to know about, and things that are current.

If you have an event that you'd like to promote, please submit it to the blog's calendar. It will appear within 48 hours (usually much faster). It's the best way for me to keep track of events, create posts about them, add them to lists, and share them on social media. A follow-up email is great, but the calendar is really to go-to, for readers and myself, and it ensures that you give me all the info I'll need.

I commented on a post, but it didn't show up. What happened? It may take a few minutes for comments to appear, so just hang tight. Please note that I Love Memphis does have a comment policy, which is that anything remotely racist, sexist, hateful, offensive, or obscene will be deleted.

How can I get in touch with you? Email is best. Reach me at [email protected] or regular mail at 47 Union Ave., Memphis, Tenn. 38104

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