Dog Friendly Patios In Memphis

Meatball and Milkshake Pick The Best Dog Friendly Patios In Town

(Ed. Note: If you haven't yet experienced the joy that is the @sir.meatball Instagram account, do yourself a favor and check it out. These two dogs have so much fun exploring Memphis! I got to meet them recently, and it's clear that they love going on these adventures. Their owner Mary Lauren Stewart put together this great guide for the best dog-friendly patios in Memphis based on their adventures. Enjoy!- Holly)

Meet The Bulldog Brothers

Hi—I’m Mary Lauren! My husband and I live in Memphis and have two English Bulldogs, Meatball and Milkshake. Meatball is red, white, and round, just like a meatball, and Milkshake looks like a cookie and cream milkshake. Because both dogs love getting out and meeting new people, I try to take them everywhere I can. 

Their favorite season is patio season. So with the help of Meatball and Milkshake, I made a list of some of the Memphis area dog-friendly patios where we love to hang out.

These are just a few of our favorites! For an extensive list of dog friendly patios in the Memphis and Mid-South, scroll down.

Our Favorite Dog Friendly Patios

Aldo’s Pizza Pies - Downtown 

Meatball loves the Aldo’s Pizza Pies's dog friendly patio because he can keep an eye on the happenings of Main Street...while also trying to steal a bite of pizza. With one of the larger covered patios downtown, Aldo’s is the perfect spot to grab pizza and a drink with your pup.

Dog Friendly Patios Aldos Downtown No Tongue
@sir.meatball / Mary Lauren Stewart
"I love pizza, can't you tell by my facial expression?" - Meatball

Crosstown Concourse 

If you can’t decide what you want to eat, but you know you want to take your dog, you must go to Crosstown Concourse. Crosstown Concourse has plenty of covered outdoor sitting areas and a multitude of food and drink options. 

You can choose from Global Café, Saucy Chicken, Area 51 Ice Cream, Farm Burger, Pizzeria Trasimeno, French Truck Coffee, I Love Juice Bar, Lucy J’s Bakery, Mempops, Pop-a-roos Gourmet Popcorn, or go right next door to Crosstown Brewing Co. Dogs are also allowed indoors so you can also walk around and show your pups some great local artwork to give them some #culture.

two white bulldogs with rainbow bandanas sitting on a long veranda-style patio at Crosstown Concourse
@sir.meatball / Mary Lauren Stewart
"We are patiently waiting for you to pet us." - M & M

Loflin Yard

Loflin Yard could not be more dog friendly. From Meatball and Milkshake’s birthday parties to dog meet-ups, Loflin Yard in downtown Memphis has hosted many of our dog-centered events. While most of the venue is outdoors, the Coach House provides a great space for your dog to cool down on a hot summer day.

two bulldogs with rainbow leashes sitting on a gravel patio with people in lawn chairs in the background
@sir.meatball / Mary Lauren Stewart

Wiseacre, both Locations

Wiseacre on Broad is the OG place to grab a beer with your dog. With the addition of the downtown location, Wiseacre now offers two great atmospheres to enjoy a pint with your pup. Unlike Wiseacre Broad, Wiseacre Downtown contains Little Bettie so dogs are not allowed in the taproom, but they can still hang outside.

Dog Friendly Patios Wiseacre Broad
@sir.meatball / Mary Lauren Stewart


When Meatball and Milkshake find themselves in the suburbs, they like to stop by Booya’s dog friendly patio in Collierville. Booya’s is a counter-service restaurant, which means one person has to stay outside with the dogs while the other orders, but Booya’s staff will still make a stop out on the patio to give a few well-deserved scratches.

bulldog on patio at Booya's in Collierville
@sir.meatball / Mary Lauren Stewart
"Me in my younger, wilder days at Booya's" - Meatball

Slider Inn, both Locations

Meatball and Milkshake are big fans of both Slider Inn locations, midtown and South Main. On their most recent visit downtown, the Slider Inn staff handed out special dog treats to all the dogs on the patio. The staff usually brings water bowls and are accommodating to canine customers. Meatball’s only suggestion? Create a doggy version of the Jameson Slushie.

Dog Friendly Patios Slider Inn Downtown
@sir.meatball / Mary Lauren Stewart
"We are the best at Sunday Funday." - M & M
Dog Friendly Patios Slider Inn Midtown
@sir.meatball / Mary Lauren Stewart
Meatball says Cheers to the weekend!

Grind City Brewing Co.

Meatball and Milkshake are able to take care of beer-ness whenever they go to Grind City Brewing Co. Few places in downtown Memphis truly have a “large grassy area,” which makes this brewery an ideal place to bring your four-legged friends. Plus, there's a great view!

two bulldogs on a brewery patio
@sir.meatball / Mary Lauren Stewart


Railgarten in midtown, Memphis is always bustling with adults, kids, and pets. If you’re looking for a place to enjoy live music with your dog, this is the place to go. With several outdoor bars, a playground, and a volleyball court, you’re never far from a good time.

Dog Friendly Patios Railgarten
@sir.meatball / Mary Lauren Stewart

Brookhaven Pub

I don’t think there is a better combination than dogs and Tiger Blue chips, and Brookhaven Pub in East Memphis agrees. The Brookhaven Pub's dog friendly patio typically has a ratio of one dog to every six humans, so if you want to watch a sports game surrounded by dogs, this is the place to do it.

Dog Friendly Patios Brookhaven
@sir.meatball / Mary Lauren Stewart
"I love cheese. Go Tigers!" - Meatball

Memphis and Mid-south Dog Friendly Patios

  • Loflin Yard 
  • Wiseacre HQ (398 S BB King Blvd)
  • Cordelia's Market Harbor Town
  • Comeback Coffee
  • Central BBQ Downtown (147 E Butler Ave)
  • Momma’s
  • Tug’s Casual Grill
  • Carolina Watershed
  • The Greyhound
  • Slider Inn - Downtown
  • Grind City Brewing
  • Hustle & Dough / Bar Hustle at the ARRIVE Hotel
  • Felicia Suzanne’s
  • Maciel’s Tortas and Tacos 
  • Aldo’s Pizza Pies - Downtown
  • Local Gastropub (95 S Main Street)
  • Eight and Sand
  • The Majestic Grille
  • South of Beale South Main (361 S Main Street)
  • The Green Beetle
  • Ghost River Brewing Taproom
  • The Vault 
  • Max’s Sports Bar (reportedly only in the front - please call ahead for details)
  • Grecian Gourmet Taverna
  • Silly Goose
  • Curfew
  • Barware
  • Blind Bear
  • Rizzo's by Chef Michael Patrick

Crosstown / The Edge / Medical District

  • Crosstown Concourse
  • Crosstown Brewing Co
  • High Cotton Brewing Taproom
  • ECCO on Overton Park 
  • Otherlands Coffee Bar 
  • Central BBQ (2249 Central Ave)
  • Slider Inn - Midtown
  • Railgarten
  • Aldo’s Pizza Pies - Midtown

Cooper Young

  • Memphis Made Brewing Taproom 
  • Hammer & Ale
  • Mulan Asian Bistro
  • Sweet Grass Next Door 
  • Young Avenue Deli 
  • Cafe Olé
  • Celtic Crossing
  • Stone Soup Cafe
  • The Beauty Shop

Overton Square

  • Babalu Midtown (2115 Madison Ave)
  • Memphis Pizza Cafe Midtown (2087 Madison Ave)
  • Local on the Square 
  • Belly Acres 
  • Robata Ramen & Yakitori Bar
  • The Second Line- please inform the hostess you have your furry friend with you 

Binghampton Including Broad Avenue

  • City & State
  • Wiseacre OG (2783 Broad Ave)
  • Hampline Brewing
  • The Cove 
  • The Liquor Store 
East Memphis
  • Southall Cafe
  • Babalu East Memphis (6450 Poplar Ave)
  • Lost Pizza Co.
  • Cheffie's Cafe (483 High Point Terrace)
  • High Point Pizza 
  • Memphis Sports Pub
  • Memphis Pizza Cafe (5061 Park Ave)
  • Elwood's Shack 
  • The Casual Pint 
  • Lucchesi's Beer Garden 
  • Mortimer's
  • City & Silo
  • Soccer City 901
  • Brookhaven Circle  
  • Brookhaven Pub
  • Fox Ridge Pizza
  • Central BBQ Poplar Ave. 
  • Hopdoddy
  • Booya’s - Collierville
  • Cheffie’s Café - Collierville (956 E Winchester Blvd)
  • Meddlesome Brewing - Cordova
  • Three Guys Pizza Pies - Lakeland
  • Mellow Mushroom - Germantown
bulldog wearing a birthday candle crown sitting next to a birthday cake
Mary Lauren Stewart
"I wish every day was my birthday" - Milkshake
couple standing outside Wiseacre taproom with their two bulldogs
@sir.meatball / Mary Lauren Stewart
"Here's our family portrait outside Wiseacre downtown. I smiled extra big for this one." - Meatball

About the Author

Mary Lauren Stewart is a lifelong Memphian. Her two English Bulldogs, Meatball and Milkshake, go wherever she does. Follow along with their shenanigans on Instagram at @sir.meatball.

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Sandy Spell

This article and the pictures are absolutely adorable!   I have seen Meatball and Milkshake enjoying a day or night on Brookhaven Pub’s patio. I would say they look like they are in “Dog Heaven” every time! 

April 1, 2021 3:30pm

I believe Max’s is just the front patio (at least it was that way). Silly Goose, Local, Blind Bear all have patios that allow pups! :) 

April 2, 2021 10:20pm
Holly Whitfield

Thanks Katie! Added Blind Bear, note about Max's, and the other two were already on there! 

April 5, 2021 4:43pm

Hopdoddy also allows dogs! I think at both locations, but definitely the Eat Memphis location does.

April 9, 2021 9:29pm
Holly Whitfield

Thanks John! I'll add East Memphis location. The Overton Square location is permanently closed.

April 11, 2021 10:03pm
Ed Stafford

Check across the road from Booya's Collierville, and you'll find another little hot spot for doggies:  Tony's Trophy Room.  Lots of friendly furs come out to join their masters on the porch and hang out.

June 16, 2021 3:49pm
Jill Pressler

Mellow Mushroom Germantown has a great dog friendly patio.

July 23, 2021 1:21pm
Amber McGrory

Hi! None of the Huey’s listed would let us bring our dog today. We called Germantown, Collierville and East Memphis. 

October 30, 2021 4:24pm
Holly Whitfield

Hi Amber - That's a bummer! I'm glad you called ahead. We always, always recommend calling ahead because restaurants change their policies VERY frequently, sometimes even by the hour and I Love Memphis has no control over it, argh. We'll take them off the list since they're going back and forth. Thanks for letting us know!

November 15, 2021 7:03pm

Great information on what's goin' on around the Bluff City.

September 9, 2022 10:14pm