16 Places For Late Night Eating In Memphis

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Ed. Note: Hours and dining availability are subject to change due to COVID-19. Check out the following establishments on social media for the latest info.

If you’re hungry after midnight, here’s a list of restaurants in Memphis that are open late. Got more ideas for late night eating in Memphis? Leave me a comment!

Late-night snacks at Bardog in downtown Memphis Alex Shansky

Huey’s has nine locations in Memphis and the burbs, and many of them are open until midnight on weekdays and later (think 1 a.m. or 2 a.m.) on weekends.
Food rec: For late night munchies, you can’t go wrong with cheese fries. I’m partial to the West Coast burger, too.

Alex’s Tavern
This beloved old school dive is open until 3 a.m. at least, with a juke box, shuffleboard, TVs, and beer.
Food rec: Eating at Alex’s is a must, and it’s basically impossible to choose: get ribs, get wings, get a Greek burger.

Momma’s Roadhouse (temporarily closed, as of June 2020)
Momma’s dive-inspired neighborhood pub is a little bit out of the way, but worth it for their filling burgers and sandwiches, plus drinks specials, live music, and pub games. Momma’s is still open until 3 a.m.
Food rec, courtesy of Ted G: The pimento burger, which comes topped with bacon and fried cayenne pickles. 

Earnestine & Hazel’s late-night dive bar in downtown Memphis. Alex Shansky.


Earnestine & Hazel’s
E&H is open until 3 a.m., though they may stop serving Soul Burgers before then.
Food rec: The Soul Burger is their only menu item, and I heartily endorse it. It comes with chips.

Bardog is open until 3 a.m. It’s 21+ and allows smoking upstairs. I find their food consistently hot, fresh, and better than most other pub grub.
Food rec: It’s hard to choose, but the Deluxe Grilled Cheese and Amazing Island Club are two favorites.

Blind Bear Speakeasy
Kitchen open until 2 a.m., bar open until 3 a.m. Blind Bear is 21+ and allows smoking.
Food rec: I hear good things about their nachos.

Local Main Street
Local’s downtown location serves gastropub fare until 2 a.m., and the bar’s open until 3.
Food rec: Blue cheese ‘n’ bacon fries almost always sound good at 1 a.m.

Many of downtown’s Beale Street establishments have late night food, but with their 100+ year old grease and 3 a.m. close time (5 a.m. on weekends!) Dyer’s gets a shoutout.
Food rec: If you’re embracing the grease factor (or trying to prevent a hangover) get a Double Double – double meat, double cheese.

A Memphis institution, Westy’s is a tried-and-true casual pub with an enormous menu served until 3 a.m., 365 days a year. They even have delivery available until 2 a.m.
Food rec: Whichever one of the 30 different rice dish options sounds the best to you. Got a sweet tooth? They also serve a famous Hot Fudge Pie.


Celtic Crossing
Celtic Crossing in Cooper Young serves food until 1 a.m. on weekdays and 2 a.m. on weekends, so they’re a great option for Memphis late night eating. They’ve got a spacious patio as well. It’s 21+ on weekend late nights.
Food rec: Hand pies, fried perfectly crispy and filled with minced seasoned meat. Go ahead and pour the gravy directly on them.

Young Ave. Deli burger and sweet potato fries.

Young Avenue Deli
This Cooper Young staple has a huge beer and food menu, and they serve Memphis late night food until well after midnight. Sit at the bar, get your food to-go, or order delivery if you’re in the area.
Food rec: Those dadgum cheese sticks are undeniably awesome. Fries are award-winning and the burger is underrated.

Slider Inn
For a huge pet-friendly patio and a kitchen that stays open until 2 a.m. serving late night food in midtown Memphis, go to the Slider Inn.
Food rec: I usually get the Mix & Match sliders with a Chick-N-Fill-Ay, Falafel, and a Big Deuce.

East Memphis

Brookhaven Pub
Brookhaven’s kitchen is open until 2 a.m. every day for late night eating in East Memphis, and they have a spacious new patio for your hungry group of friends.
Food rec: The Tiger Bleu Chips – potato chips covered in chicken, bleu cheese, and BBQ sauce – are legendary.

Ubee’s on the Highland Strip in East Memphis s open until 3 a.m., serving up all your favorite late night food and more. If you dine in, they have plenty of beer and TVs, but they deliver until 3 a.m., too!
Food rec: Go for the burgers. You may recognize the greasy, fried style from their sister restaurant, Dyer’s.

RP Tracks
R.P. Tracks near the Highland Strip has been a U of M favorite for more than 30 years. They have good vegan and vegetarian options and are open until 3 a.m. for late night Memphis food.
Food rec: The BBQ Tofu Nachos are a favorite for a reason. You can get them with meat, but even carnivores should try the BBQ tofu.

Another University District fave, Newby’s is open until 3 a.m. daily with classic pub grub: pizza, wings, sandwiches, and of course, beer.
Food rec: You can’t go wrong with pizza ‘n’ beer.

Gibson’s Donuts
Memphis’ most famous donut shop is open 24 hours, and donuts are super discounted after 11 p.m., though selection may vary.
Food rec: The cake donuts are my personal favorite, though many swear by their maple bacon glazed variety.

The Half Shell
With East Memphis and Southwind locations, Half Shell is a great option for dining late out East. They’re open until 3 a.m. most nights serving up a big variety of seafood dishes, poboys, Food rec: The shrimp bruschetta is tasty, a Memphis favorite.

Allen Gillespie

There are plenty more spots for late night dining and late food delivery in Memphis, this is just a sampling. What’s your favorite? Leave me a comment with any that aren’t on the list.

– Insomnia Cookies delivers cookies and ice cream to East Memphis until 3 a.m.
– The Pancake Shop on Summer is open 24 hours Thursday through Sunday.
– The Bayou in Overton Square is open until midnight or later (usually later) every day.
– E’s 24 Hour Cafe and CK’s diners have a couple of 24 hours locations.
– Westy’s serves food until 3 a.m.

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  1. Kelly says:

    Appreciate this list. However, I tried to eat at the Bluff late last Friday night, and they had stopped serving food at 10pm.

  2. Craig says:

    This list is great! But I would feel like a total traitor if I didn’t speak up for Westy’s. Great food served until 3am 🙂

  3. Mark Wangensteen says:

    Is there another location in Memphis to get Gibson donuts? I will be in town next week and will be staying at the Chisca and will not have a car.

    • Holly Whitfield says:

      Mark, unfortunately that’s their only location. :-/ But you’ll be near plenty of other great places to eat and drink in Memphis!

  4. Karen says:

    Half Shell! Filet and crab legs available until 2 am.

  5. Kristen W says:

    Don’t forget about The Vault on GE Patterson for late night open til 2am Friday and Saturday nights.

  6. Bentley says:

    Neil’s Bar and Grille

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