4 Food Trucks You Can't Miss In Memphis Right Now

4 Food Trucks You Can't Miss In Memphis Right Now

There are dozens of trucks around Memphis on any given day. There're at the breweries on evenings and weekends,  they're at most festivals, farmers markets, and at Court Square every Thursday for lunch.

Nationally famous, locally owned: splurge on some Cousins Maine Lobster rolls next time you see them.

Here are a few trucks that have been around for a while, which you need to try if you haven't already. They're all are serving up some mobile meals on wheels that will make you happy.

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New Wing Order Food Truck


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They're one of the most popular food trucks in town, but they've just celebrated their first anniversary and I think they deserve some props. They serve wings with different sauces and fries, but they also have a shockingly delicious fried avocado vegan taco. People look at me like I'm crazy when I recommend that, but trust me. New Wing Order also does fun specials, like Wing of the Month flavors.

Follow them on social media, especially Instagram at @newwingorder.

Cousins Maine Lobster Food Truck

Cousins Maine Lobster rolls

When this truck (made famous by the original owners' appearance on Shark Tank) first launched in Memphis about a year ago, the lines were forever long. But if you did take the time to wait, you knew that the thick, juicy chunks of lobster on toasty, buttery buns were well worth it (or at least for a treat-yo-self situation).

These days the lines are shorter, so don't hesitate to splurge for their Connecticut Roll (warm, with butter), the Maine roll (cold, with mayo), or the loaded tots or tacos.

The Memphis Cousins Maine Lobster truck is locally owned franchise by Memphians Donell and Felesha Todd.

Their schedule is posted on the national website and on the local Facebook page.

Fries Guys Food Truck


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If you're ready for some carb loading, the Fries Guys food truck is here for you, my friend. They're all over town serving up hand-cut french fries with feta sauce, along with different varieties of hot, gooey grilled cheese sandwiches.

You can get your fries plain or seasoned, but after a few beers, you'll probably want to go for loaded fries, smothered in cheese and bacon. The grilled cheeses have protein options like chicken or pepperoni (pizza grilled cheese anyone?) It's the perfect food to dig into after long day of doing active things outdoors...or after a few drinks, since you'll most often find Fries Guys at local breweries and the Levitt Shell.

They keep their whereabouts posted on Instagram.

The VooDoo Cafe Food Truck


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I am very into the theme of this unique Memphis food truck, which serves coffee and beignets shaped like little voodoo dolls. That menu sounds deceptively simple, so let’s break it down: they have Vietnamese and Turkish coffees, Cuban espresso, and chicory available, plus hot cocoa and iced Persian spiced tea.

As for the beignets, these aren’t just your plain pillow-shaped pastries topped with a mountain of sugar - not that there’s anything wrong with that. Voodoo’s beignets are filled with everything from Nutella to maple butter cream to peanut butter and bananas (that one’s called the Dead Elvis). And because they’re shaped like people, you can name them after your enemies and devour them limb by limb.

Some of you will be happy to know that they're mostly posted up in the suburbs; you can check out their schedule on Facebook, but their funny Instagram is worth a follow, too.

What's your favorite truck in town?

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