Memphis Mural Locations: All Of The I Love Memphis Murals

Posted by Holly Whitfield | October 17th 2014 22510 1807

Dearest readers, followers, and fellow Memphians, here are the six I Love Memphis murals and their locations. Your weekend mission is to find an I Love Memphis mural you haven’t yet been to, take a picture of you/you and your pals/your dog and post on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with the tag #ilovememphis.

The I Love Memphis murals project is a collaboration between this blog, the Memphis CVB (my employer), and the Urban Art Commission.

Here’s a map of all the I Love Memphis murals.

Mural #1: Original Love

I live in the neighborhood and see folks snapping photos in front of this I Love Memphis mural nearly every day, no exaggeration.

Location: corner of Cooper and York (near 768 Cooper Street)
Artist: Brandon Marshall

Mural #2: Greenline Love

You’ll have to get on the Greenline to find this colorful I Love Memphis mural, painted on an old railroad tunnel.

Location: On the Greenline near the intersection of Waring Road and Minden Road
Artist: Siphne Sylve

Former Mural #3: Love In Red

(Ed. Note: In Feb. 2015, the building this mural was painted on was demolished by its owners.)

Location: Vance Avenue and Allen Street
Artist: Matt Ladner

Mural #4: Abstract Love

Location: This I Love Memphis mural is cross the street from Murphy’s, on the side of Beeker’s (1607 Madison Avenue)
Artist: Jean Marie Burks, assisted by Trista Vercher

Mural #5: Soulsville Love

Location: This I Love Memphis mural is across the street from the Stax Museum (Stax’s address is 926 E. McLemore Ave.)
Artist: Whitney Kerr and Jeanynne Lewis, painted by local artists and students. Read more here.

Mural #6: St. Blues Love

Location: This I Love Memphis Mural is at 645 Marshall Avenue in the Edge District
Artist: Brandon Marshall

Mural #7: Memphish Love

Location: This I Love Memphis mural is at Scott Street and Broad Avenue, just east of Wiseacre Brewing (you can plug in “2809 Broad” to get very close)
Artist: Michael Roy, lettering by Brandon Marshall

Mural #8: Heart Bridge

I Love Memphis Mural

Location: The newest I Love Memphis mural is in the parking lot behind Crosstown Arts, near Cleveland and Autumn Ave.
Artist: Kong Wee Pang and Jay Crum

There are more I Love Memphis murals in the the works. I’ll be sure to update this post as those get completed.

Author: Holly Whitfield

I write about what’s going on with Memphis music, food, arts, events, sports, people, and culture. Memphians love Elvis and barbeque with a passion that must be seen to be believed, but there is so much more to this place.

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  1. Ned says:

    Of course, I like it best when it looks like this: 10599613_10152435295485805_8467109954514367073_n.jpg



  2. Holly Whitfield says:

    Ned, that is super cool!!

  3. Larrie Rodriguez says:

    Perfect weather for this weekend mission!

  4. Buddy says:

    Maybe we were looking in the wrong place, but we didn't find the Vance at Allen mural.

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  6. […] seen the “I love Memphis” murals around town, but have you seen the rest of these? I’ve always been fascinated by murals, […]

  7. Tulio Bertorini says:

    Who can one contact to do a Mural? What are the normal cost? Will they do it for free if paint is supplied?

    • Holly Whitfield says:

      Hi Tulio,

      Every artist has different rates and policies. You’ll need to contact them individually.

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