7 Iconic Memphis Murals

Memphis is full of murals and public art! Here are 7 of the most iconic murals you can find in Memphis.

Rockabilly Rides at I Love Memphis Mural / Leah Gafni

There are thousands of murals across the city of Memphis, so this is just a starting point. Where are your favorites?

1. The Big Red I Love Memphis Mural

This is the original I Love Memphis Mural, next to Memphis Made in Cooper Young.

Artist: Brandon Marshall. 

red I love Memphis mural with a bicycle in front of it
Alex Shansky

2. With Love From Memphis Mural

The Edge District’s “With Love From Memphis” I Love Memphis mural is near High Cotton taproom, just down the street from Sun Studio.

Artists: Allie Mounce / Pretty Useful Co., Chris Porter

Family by Memphis mural in the Edge District
The Traveling Child

3. I Love Memphis Crosstown Mural

The I Love Memphis mural in the Crosstown neighborhood is a must-see when you’re in the area shopping or checking out Crosstown Concourse.

Artists: Kong Wee Pang and Jay Crum, logo by Allie Mounce / Pretty Useful Co.

Memphis jookin dancer leaping in front of a mural
Alex Shanksy

4. The Sound of Memphis Mural

The Sound of Memphis on the Main Street pedestrian wall pays homage to famous Memphis icons and locations. It’s across the street from Aldo’s Pizza. 

Artists: Damon Lamar Reed and Pugs Atomz 

girl riding bike in front of mural
Ciara Johnson

5. I AM A MAN Mural

The I AM A MAN mural is in the south Main Arts District, near the National Civil Rights Museum. It pays tribute to the 1968 Sanitiation Workers Strike.

Artists: Marcellous Lovelace, with BLK75

Walking by I Am A Man Mural

6. B.B. King Mural

This mural is a part of the Paint Memphis project, which has cluster of murals in multiple neighborhoods across town. The tribute to B.B. King is located on Lamar Ave.

Artist: Steven Teller

7. History of Civil Rights in Memphis

A classic Memphis mural installed in 2016, this six-story-tall artwork features nine stories of Black history in Memphis from Ida B. Wells to Beale Street Baptist Church. This mural is located on the corner of MLK and South Main St. 

Artist: Micheal Roy (Birdcap)

civil rights mural on side of parking garage
Craig Thompson

Like I said at the start, there are thousands of murals in Memphis. and this short list is just to get you started. Here are some resources for finding more:

Memphis Art Project 

The Memphis Art Project website — memphisart.org — has photographed and cataloged hundreds of public art, sculptures, and murals. Scroll through the site to see what catches your eye. 

Urban Art Commission

The UAC helps facilitate public art and murals in Memphis, and they have an interactive map of completed projects, including tons of Memphis murals. Check it out on their website.  I Love Memphis and Urban Art Commission work together on the official I Love Memphis murals, too. 

Downtown Memphis

Downtown Memphis has put together a handy Downtown Memphis Mural Guide for murals in downtown Memphis. If you want to see a lot of murals on foot (or bike or trolley) all in one vicinity, this is a great resource. 

Paint Memphis 

Paint Memphis is a non-profit that coordinates huge mural projects and large scale paintings, bringing in national artists. They’ve covered multiple spots in Memphis with paintings and murals. You can see a list of all their event spots on their website homepage. 

Memphis Neighborhood Mural Guide: Camels & Chocolate 

Travel writer Kristen Luna loves Memphis, and she showed her love with an extensive, helpful guide to Memphis street art and murals by neighborhood. Check it out on her blog

Keep scrolling for a few more of my favorite murals in town, plus a map of all the I Love Memphis Murals.

colorful mural at grind city brewing
Alex Shanksy
Paint Memphis mural at Grind City Brewery, located at 76 Waterworks Ave.
family of four in front of Upstanders civil rights mural
The Traveling Child
The Upstanders mural by the National Civil Rights Museum features civil rights leaders and heroes.
Collierville Mural | Craig Thompson
Collierville has a mural near their historic town square.
Paint Memphis murals on MLK Jr. Blvd. near Southwest TN College

Here's a map of all the I Love Memphis murals.

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Holly Whitfield

Ned, that is super cool!!

October 17, 2014 3:57pm
Larrie Rodriguez
Perfect weather for this weekend mission!
October 17, 2014 4:32pm
Holly Whitfield

Larrie, that's what I was thinking! 

October 17, 2014 4:34pm
Maybe we were looking in the wrong place, but we didn't find the Vance at Allen mural.
October 19, 2014 2:33pm
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Tulio Bertorini
Who can one contact to do a Mural? What are the normal cost? Will they do it for free if paint is supplied?
June 2, 2016 8:59am
Holly Whitfield
Hi Tulio, Every artist has different rates and policies. You'll need to contact them individually.
June 10, 2016 10:24am
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Deby Jolley
Is this an official ilovememphis mural? http://www.memphisart.org/artwork/ilovememphis/ If so - are there others???
October 10, 2017 5:03pm
Holly Whitfield
It's technically a billboard, but yeah, I generally count it as one of the official ones. There are no others yet; I'll add this to the list.
October 10, 2017 5:15pm
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