News Update: National Sandwich Day, Mulch Fires, Election Day

News Update: National Sandwich Day, Mulch Fires, Election Day

Today is Election Day, of course, and everyone I know is either freaking out or desperately trying to distract themselves. I understand both approaches. Here's some quick voting info, if you haven't voted yet. Then we've got more news to talk about.

Memphis and Mississippi polls are open until 7 p.m. today. If you're in line by 7 p.m., you are allowed to vote.
Tennessee Election Day voting info
Mississippi Election day voting info

Photo by Alex Shansky

My Message For You

This year has challenged all of us, so let me say this: be kind to yourself. Take a moment to breathe, be kind to others, stay safe, wear masks, check on your people, don't read the comments section (just. don't. do. it), stop scrolling, get outside, pet a cat, pet a dog, make a plan to volunteer/give back to our community in November, or make a plan for eating some great food downtown this week.

I promise there is still good and calm in the world.

Believe it or not, there are some other non-election things to talk about! Let's do that:

Is the New Pope Committee Still Debating, Or Did Some Memphis Mulch Just Spontaneously Combust?

In very 2020 fashion, a pile of mulch in Frayser decided it had had enough and burst into flames. This is not the first time this has happened. Anyways, the Memphis Fire Dept. is on the scene and seems to have it under control. Carry on.

Where Should You Eat For Downtown Dining Week?

It's a tough decision each of us will face this November: where to eat for DDW. Luckily, I Love Memphis has a big list of the deals and specials the downtown restaurants are offering through November 7. Check out the list here.

It's National Sandwich Day

Where's the #1 best sandwich in Memphis? We could start an all-out brawl with this question.

Instead, let's peruse a few quick options:

The Holidays Are Here, Please Let Me Take A Nap

Some of us have our trees up, our headphones blasting Mariah Carey's endless yelling into our eardrums 24 hours a day, are already done shopping, baking pies nonstop. The rest of us are I'll count myself in that latter group, because I'm working hard to get alllll the annual I Love Memphis Holiday Guides up and running.

It's hard to get all the info from restaurants when they haven't actually made their plans yet. But shopping guides, what's open guides, holiday events, and more are coming very soon! Here are a few sneak peeks:

- Starry Nights will do all-new lights displays this year for the event, which runs select night Nov. 27 - Jan. 3.
- Holiday Wonders at the Botanic Garden will be open on select nights Nov. 27 - Dec. 27 and tickets are already on sale.
- South Main has put up lights! It's fun! It'll be up through the holidays.

What's Up With This Skyscraper?

What are we thinking about this proposed design for new high rise next to the Pyramid that was announced a few weeks ago? Gives a new meaning to "tall and skinny".

Cake Time

There's also this Memphis Bourbon Caramel Cake, a heavenly partnership between Old Dominick Distillery and Sugar Avenue Bakery. I ate this cake for breakfast and I have no regrets. If you're looking to splurge on a dessert for the holidays ($55) you can order yours here.

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