Much More Than Avocado Toast: Hustle & Dough At ARRIVE Hotel In Downtown Memphis

Much More Than Avocado Toast: Hustle & Dough At ARRIVE Hotel In Downtown Memphis

The ARRIVE hotel in downtown Memphis has a lineup of food and drink concepts to serve you day and night. In the lobby you'll find the coffee shop Vice & Virtue and cafe, Hustle & Dough, along with Bar Hustle and the check-in desk all in one cozy, eclectic room.

Downstairs is home to Longshot, a basement bar with lots of booths and several shuffleboard tables that serves dinner, drinks, and beer.

Let's break it down.


Arrive is a 62-room boutique hotel at 477 S Main Street (in the former MCA Grad School building). It's part of a small chain of five "neighborhood" hotels around the country, each of which have different looks and feels. I did a staycation recently, and the rooms are luxurious yet modern, and full of Memphis touches. You can check out the highlights from that here.

The lobby decor is a mishmash of vintage-inspired soft seating, nested tables, artsy coffee table books, maps as wallpaper (it's a map of the Memphis riverfront!) and mod lighting. Honestly, I'm into it.

I don't mind Wes Anderson-inspired sets as long as they're comfy and functional. I tried the green-gold tufted sofa, an orange suede mod chair, a metal chair at the community table, and a barstool and they were all comfortable. None of these in sight. And no one asked me to leave as I walked around playing Goldilocks.

Hustle & Dough Coffee Shop and Cafe In Downtown Memphis

The cafe, which is called Hustle & Dough, serves baked goods, light breakfast items, freshly baked bread, sourdough, and the infamous sourdough crust pan pizzas on select days. 

The coffee bar is run by local artisan roasters Tim and Teri Perkins of Vice & Virtue Coffee, and offers cold brew, Aeropress, espresso, and seasonal drinks like a Bourbon Mocha. 

This is a catering spread for the Arrive's upstairs conference room, which is a fabulous place for a meeting.

I've tried their oat milk lattes (try one if you haven't yet), pistachio-filled pastries that are beyond delightful, and several of their homemade breads and sourdoughs toasted and topped with any number of things like mushroom, almond butter, and yes, avocado.

The staff members were kind and approachable and they brought us water and water refills, too. It's a great place for a meeting or a coffee date. Check out their new and special items on their Instagram.

PS. If you’re looking for the hotel check-in desk, it’s next to the bakery case.

Dashimaki Tamago Sandwich from Hustle & Dough. Great if you love eggs and spicy mayo.

Bar Hustle In The Arrive Hotel Memphis

Bar Hustle focuses on craft cocktails, and they do a fantastic job with them. They also have red and white wine, Wiseacre’s Ananda and Tiny Bomb, and a couple of mocktails.

The bartenders are friendly and add a lot of personality to the space. While you can order a beverage and sit anywhere, I am partial to the plush seats at the bar. 

The "Instagram This Cocktail!" (left), "Wray & Ting" (back), and "Bird Graveyard" (front)

Bar Hustle has been hosting regular pop-ups and special days, like a Chinese New Year shindig, a Tiki Bar pop-up for Valentine's Day, and a takeover with Check out their Instagram for more.

Tiki drink for two at the recent V-Day Pop-Up! It was strong AF.
Cheese plate at Bar Hustle.
It told me to "Instagram This Drink!" so I did. This seems more like a summer-y drink, with fruit and clamato flavors. But it just hits the spot for me right now!

The Bar is a great meeting place for friends or for a date...and if things go well, you can go downstairs for more snacks and shuffleboard. PS. All of the bar seats have outlets, just look under the bar!

The following menus are subject to change, just use them as a example.


The downstairs shuffleboard bar and restaurant has reopened and is open Tuesday through Saturday nights from 5 p.m. until midnight. More than just a bar, Chef David Todd—who makes amazing and unique food—has pulled out all the stops on the food menu.  I can't wait to get back and try out the menu since it's been redone for reopening after the pandemic.

There's bar seating and a room of cozy booths, so definitely take advantage of the reservation system to save your seat. (Walk-ins are welcome.)

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