Made in Memphis: Shotwell Caramels

Made in Memphis: Shotwell Caramels

Shotwell Candy has taken some of the world's greatest things (caramel, whiskey, coffee) and combined them in the form of super addictive candy.

In late 2012, a corporate lawyer (and long-time cook) named Jerrod Smith started selling the caramels he was making at home. He makes every piece of candy from scratch (a process that involves 16 - 18 steps) and then lovingly packs them up in adorable old timey, hand-stamped boxes. Though Smith plans to expand into other candies eventually, I'm pretty sure the caramels will always be his big seller.

Shotwell Candy sells several kinds of caramels - including year-round and seasonal flavors. The seasonal flavor, five spice chocolate, tastes like caramel hot chocolate with a savory kick.

He also makes "Old Fashioned" cocktail caramels (which taste like the whiskey-and-bitters drink, not ye olde times), espresso caramels (crushed coffee beans, homemade whiskey vanilla) and classic salted caramels that have giant flakes of sea salt for a nice, bright flavor contrast.

Shotwell Candy

I've tried all four of them, and while they're all excellent, the salted and espresso varieties are my favorite. I may eat all of them by the time I finish this post. You can pick them up at several locations in the Memphis area  but you should call ahead to be sure your preferred flavor is in stock.

Go here to see a map of all U.S. retail locations or order online.

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I say this fondly - but you're the reason I just ordered $30 worth of caramels! New year's resolutions? What new year's resolutions!? I'm too busy eating caramels to care . . . 
January 17, 2013 10:55am
Yes!!!! Thanks for hipping me to this.
January 20, 2013 6:29pm