365 Things to Do in Memphis #58: Have a Paleta at La Michoacana

365 Things to Do in Memphis #58: Have a Paleta at La Michoacana

You may refuse to turn your air conditioner on before April, but it's never too early in the year for a paleta. Plus, what better way to celebrate the Spring of Deception than with a cold treat?

La Michoacana has five location in our area, each offering an authentic Mexican ice cream shop experience. I usually go to the Summer Avenue one, where you can get paletas made of fruit juice, or fruit and cream, or a whole array of ice cream sundaes, manganadas, and other treats—plus some snacks like nachos.

Pinenut paleta from La Michoacana, Memphis, Tenn.

One to try is the creamy, bright pink pine nut paleta (below). It's barely sweet with a slight nutty flavor with little pine nuts in it. And because one paleta is never quite enough, I went back for a chili-mango one (above).  

The combination of spicy chili and sweet tropical fruits that's absolutely wonderful, and it gets addictive quickly. La Michoacana is open year round. 

Each paleta costs about $2 (though prices could vary and change) and there's no shame in going back for seconds. One summer I bought a bag of about 10 paletas and kept them in my freezer for emergencies. 

Go there:
La Michoacana

4075 Summer Ave.
6635 Winchester Rd.
1038 Goodman Rd W.
2733 Getwell Rd.
830 Germantown Pkwy.

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The rose petal is also awesome.
February 28, 2012 10:11pm
Becky Wilkins
I love this place! I'm trying to find out who they lease their space from? The surrounding area is such a mess and their landlord should be hounded to clean it up. It shouldn't be tolerated by proud memphians!    
August 3, 2015 10:11am