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Posted by Holly Whitfield | August 26th 2009 18177 0

I put out a request on Twitter and Facebook for items to find on a scavenger hunt around Memphis and y’all delivered. I’ve got a list that takes up an entire sheet of paper:

Memphis Scavenger Hunt List

Here’s what I’m on the lookout for:


– Guitar Pick from Gibson Guitar

– Cup from Sweden Kream

– Art that people can use

– Toothpick from Huey’s

– Video of me jamming with a local band

– Vini

– the Peter Pan

– Recording of J.C. Levy

– An accurate count of all of the “no left turn” signs on Union

– “Be Nice or Leave” sign

– Mr. Bingle (I have no idea where I’m going to find such a thing).

– Underground Tunnels at A. Schwabs

Piggly Wiggly Receipt

– Chip from Southland

– The “weed and seed” community

– Local media trinkets (not sure exactly what was meant here, but I’ll take a guess)

– some “Be Gone” oil

– Pocket-sized U of M sports schedule

– Memphis Roller Derby shirt

– Autograph from Rocky (the Rocky? Or just anyone named Rocky?)

– Bag of Ugly Mug coffee

– Old School Memphis State stuff

– A Diver Bucket from Silky O’ Sullivan’s

– 901 Tequila

– Goner Records Sticker

– some Rendezvous Dry Rub

– Jim Keras Nissan or Memphis Mayor doll

– Pronto Pup plastic tumbler

– ticket stub from the Colliseum

– Liberty Land T-shirt

– Keith Lee for Mayor T-shirt

– Autograph from Jerry Lawler or anyone in Memphis Championship Wrestling

– something with the Memphis Chicks logo

– ticket stub or program from the Wonders series

– Letterbox in Overton Park

– Pirate Ship at St. Jude

– Space Marine Statue

– Ivory Billed Woodpecker

– a local comic’s setlist

– The Enchanted Forest

– Volunteer at St. Jude

– A show at the Orpheum

– Jar of Mississippi River water

– Monorail ticket from Mud Island


A.C. the server at the East Memphis Corky’s

– Whatever’s mural

– The model Piggly Wiggly

Johnny Cash’s first rental

– The Memphis Americans logo

– Sputnik at Joe’s Liquors

– Hickory Hill Buddah

– Tallest outdoor art piece

– picture of me at the Peanut Shoppe

– Picture of the shell in Overton Park with its original mural

– the Elvis Statue

– Starry Nights

– Ramses and I

– The Memphis Queen riverboat

– A corner with at least one Walgreens and two churches

– Peabody Ducks in the fountain

– hidden mural

– Art in progress

– graffiti by Nosey

– Black Lodge Video symbol outside of Black Lodge

– the Lisa Marie

– the Sushi gas station chef in action

– the house Johnny Cash lived in while he was recording at Sun

– Elmwood tombstones

– Picture with medieval reenactors

– Picture at Earnestine and Hazel’s

– No Discrimination Sign at Hollywood Disco

– Picture at Benny’s grave at Raleigh Cemetery (anyone named Benny?)

– A picture with each ball outside of FedEx Forum wearing the appropriate sporting equipment for each

– live buffalo

– a goat in a bar

– Stereo Alley

– Picture with either Pouncer  or the Griz mascot

– street musician

– symphony musician


– Proof of eating a Kookamonga Burger

Capote Cupcake from Muddy’s

– Pulled Pork Sandwich from Central Barbecue

– burger from Dyer’s

– Sandwich from the Chinese sub shop

– Sandwich from Payne’s

– Fried Chicken from Gus’s – with greasy receipt to prove it!

– Sausage Pizza from Pete & Sam’s

– Red Wedding Cake sno cone

– slice of K-Pie

Wish me luck – I’m going to need it. The findings will be documented here as they’re found.

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  1. Jen says:

    Probably cheating, but I collect Mr. Bingle dolls. He originated in NOLA and I’ve always thought it was neat how he was a big deal in both “my” cities.

  2. Jen says:

    Although I only have like 4 so I’m not sure it’s worth calling it a collection just yet..

  3. Jill says:

    Rocky the Redbird’s autograph.

  4. Anna says:

    Blast! I missed your tweet about this. My favorite Memphis-centric scavenger hunt item is a series of pictures in front of the homes of 3 kings. Pyramid, BB King’s, Graceland. Good luck and have fun!

  5. This is great. I’ll have to get my friends in on this 🙂

  6. Alex says:

    I know which Hickory Hill Buddha they want, but you should throw them for a loop and take several. I can show you if you are interested.

  7. Alex says:

    Also, good luck on the chip from Southland. It is one of the dirtiest places I’ve ever been here in the Dirty South, and I used to frequent Platinum Plus regularly. The place stinks, and though it has a new facade, the inside is smoky, dingy, and depressing. I described it to a former employer from Austin as the place I would go to drink myself to death.

  8. Jen says:

    Aw, Southland isn’t that bad. Sure the upstairs where you watch the dogs is a little spooky, but the casino’s actually pretty nice. However most of the games I saw there were electronic so I’m not sure whether or not they use actual chips.

  9. Rikki says:

    I see you already got a lead on Mr. Bingle. In Memphis he was the Lowenstein’s Christmas character: A snowman-ish critter with an ice cream cone hat at a jaunty angle. He and “Miss Holly,” a real person, would be on TV during the holiday season. An advertising legend, Joan White, was one (maybe the only?) of the Miss Hollys. It’s a fond boomer memory.

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  11. Brit says:

    Hi! New to your blog and love it. I’ve seen a “be nice or leave” sign recently… at a store in Saddle Creek called Franchescas. I commented on it about a week ago so it should still be there. Good luck.

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  15. […] Here’s the toothpick from Huey’s that you requested. […]

  16. […] only appropriate that I would find the Goner Records sticker for the scavenger hunt just in time for Goner […]

  17. Andrea Olson says:

    The Central Church Statue of Liberty/Christ statue

  18. […] of the scavenger hunt requests I get are fairly straightforward – photo of this, receipt from there, food from that […]

  19. Otto says:

    Johnny Cash’s house when he was recording at Sun Studio is at 2553 Tutwiler Ave. You can even find it on Google Street View.

  20. […] requested a picture of me at favorite local dive Earnestine & Hazel’s for the Memphis scavenger hunt. That’s easy – I’ve got […]

  21. Zac says:

    I don’t think everything in Memphis needs to be on a scavenger hunt list. A Jim Keras Nissan Doll? Every city has a local dealership doll. Jar of Mississippi water? It’s the longest river in the country, c’mon. Chip from Southland? That isn’t even in real Memphis.

    Some are Memphis of course, and I think the scavenger hunt should stick to those things.

  22. MadMolecule says:

    How about one of the plastic cups from Garibaldi’s Pizza that you get to take with you when you leave? That’s pretty much all I drink out of at my house.

  23. Chris says:

    I had a few ideas to go along with this list. If the intent of the list is to get out and enjoy Memphis, there are a few fun things missing.

    -See a show at the Orpheum Theater
    -Get a picture with A.C. (the server) at Corky’s on Poplar Ave
    -Ride on a horse and carriage down riverside drive
    -Get a picture of Whatever’s mural on highland
    -Find a piece of apparel from the Memphis Showboats, Memphis Maniax and Memphis Maddogs
    -Go to a Tigers football game, completely decked out in blue and grey
    -Attend the Autozone Liberty Bowl college football bowl game
    -Take a picture inside the old Piggly Wiggly’s at the Pink Palace
    -Ride the tram to Mud island and float a toy boat down riverwalk
    -Get a don’t split shelby farms bumper sticker
    -Go to starry nights
    -Go to the enchanted forest
    -Volunteer at St. Jude’s

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  28. […] I stopped by A. Schwab on Beale Street a few days ago to pick up the little bottle (and some allegedly lucky candles) for the scavenger hunt. […]

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  33. Jaime Hopkins says:

    Autograph from Rocky?
    I’d bet that means Rocky the bartender/possible owner (?) of Alex’s Tavern on Jackson

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  35. […] of the suggested items on the great Memphis Scavenger Hunt list was “old school Memphis State stuff”.  There was no stipulation as to what kind of […]

  36. […] reached into the muddy water with a mason jar in order to meet one of the requirements of the Memphis scavenger hunt. The easiest place to collect was on the cobblestones just West of Riverside Dr. Be careful, though […]

  37. Alexandra says:

    I think you need to get an autograph with both Alex’s Rocky & Rocky the Redbird!!

  38. Nancy says:

    K-Pie (Kalua Mocha Pie) is at Paulette’s in Overton Square. Yum!

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  43. deb says:

    i dont have a recording of JC Levy but Me and my friend can perform his “When we were Kiddies” one. We called that number every day.
    Also I have a proto pup plastic mug…does that count?
    What do i do with it? take a picture?

  44. Skip says:

    Referencing the Silky’s diver bucket: do you mean the old-school metal paint bucket that they used to serve divers in at Silky’s on Madison (long since razed and replaced with the parking lot and building housing the Bayou/Le Chardonnay), or do you mean the plastic kind currently used?

  45. david says:

    dont think it is what you are looking for….but I am employee at St. Jude and volunteer for memphis in may….got my “I love memphis” tshirt on today and headed to the MIM warehouse for a little MIM work!!! I also have a neighbor named Rocky that works at the VA….want his autograph?


  46. […] marks the first time since I started the Memphis scavenger hunt that I’ve had to turn to you, my awesome readers, for directions. I couldn’t remember […]

  47. […] about a cup from the Sweden Kream, at least, nothing special enough to make it stand out on the scavenger hunt list. Mine was medium-sized and made of plain white Styrofoam. It’s not the cup that’s […]

  48. I would recommend also looking for the Bettis Family Cemetery, a local Midtown fave!

  49. You can also find the medieval reenactors every Sunday @ 2 at Audubon Park.

  50. But, be careful, it is their “heavy armor and rapier” battle practice…

  51. is the date for this entry /supposed/ to be august 26, 2009?

  52. […] In an effort to check two items off of the  Memphis Scavenger Hunt list, I’m going to be at Silky O’Sullivan’s on Beale tomorrow night. They’ve got […]

  53. erica says:

    hey, what’s “the house Johnny Cash lived in while he was recording at Sun”?

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  56. colleen says:

    Hey! Me & Kel Diabla have art that you can use, if our lamps count for that…

  57. […] You asked for a photo of Ramses the Great and I, and I delivered. Ok, so this photo is more of me than Ramses, but the statue of the Egyptian ruler was a little large to fit into one photo. […]

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  60. hairmovesinmemphis says:

    About the JCLEVY recording. This item is probably copyrighted. Any of his arts are included. He is a well known photo picture taker.

    Anyone who tries to slip this threw the system better watch out for the sheriff, maybe even the boundy hunters.

    Just a little curious, what and why are you collecting these things. Have you started a business called SCAVENGERHUNT?

  61. She' Ron says:

    Hello, my husband's family is having a family reunion in Memphis this July. His cousin his hosting the reunion mainly by herself (she is the only one who lives there). She wanted my help coming up with ideas and planning. I do not live in Memphis nor have I every visited, but I am trying to help her plan something for the meet & greet. I thought about a scavenger hunt. My web search brought me to your blog. I need something more concentrated in one area for tourist. Most event will happenin and around Cental Station. Can you help me with ideas for a list of things that can be found around that area? They can be items to collect and or take picture of. List should be simple but provide a challege. Teams will be no larger than 8 and will consist of all ages, 7-77!

  62. Heather says:

    I have a Libertyland workers shirt you can borrow for a pic. I'm also pretty sure I could find a coliseum ticket stub as well. Two for one pic! 

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