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When I first met Shelby Jewel Tucker, the owner of Shelby Jewel, her namesake boutique, she was still a part of the blogging world. I loved her dry sense of humor and her classic, timeless style, so I was excited when she announced that she was launching her own brand.

Shelby Jewel Clothing, Accessories, Jewelry Store In East Memphis 

Over the years I’ve watched her grow her brand with pop-ups, then an e-commerce site, and now her beautifully designed boutique, located on Mendenhall in the heart of East Memphis, and I’m very impressed with the way that she’s built her business.

The gorgeously curated space, with its tall ceiling and abundant natural light, has a focus on neutral, capsule wardrobe pieces with a classic, clean aesthetic, which is reflected in her social media content as well. 

shelby jewel in store by her sign
Kim Thomas
shelby jewel clothes and overall shop
Kim Thomas

East Memphis Shop For Classic, Clean Capsule Wardrobe Pieces

One of the things that I personally admire most about her growth is that she has never strayed away from the core styles that make up her brand. For better or worse, social media can sometimes force retailers and small businesses to chase trends, but I’ve yet to see her do that with the collections that she curates for her store.

She’s always known who her “Shelby Jewel” girl was, and sticking to that has allowed her to consistently cater to her customer’s needs and sartorial desires and build a successful brand.

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Shelby recently celebrated the 1-year anniversary of her permanent store front, and I had a chance to stop by to catch up with her and see what’s new in store. Keep reading to learn more about Shelby and how you can support this locally owned, women-owned business!

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Kim Thomas
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Kim Thomas

Q&A With Shelby Jewel Women's Store Owner

Kim: How long has Shelby Jewel been open/in business? 

Shelby: Shelby Jewel has been in business since November 2017. I started online and organically grew. In November 2020, I opened a temporary pop-up shop at The Shops of Saddle Creek until May 2021. While I was there, I built out my permanent store front on Mendenhall, which opened in August 2021.

Kim: Why East Memphis for your location? 

Shelby: East Memphis is full of so many up-and-coming businesses, both local and newly franchised. It is exciting to be a part of it. It is also central to the county and city. I have lived in the suburbs and rural areas of the county my whole life, so it is thrilling to be in the city atmosphere. 

Kim: What do you feel sets Shelby Jewel apart from other boutiques? 

Shelby: Shelby Jewel is built on an above and beyond customer experience and classic, capsule pieces that will stand the test of time. For our experiences, we have styling appointments that you can book with any of our stylists, as well as a subscription box called The Jewel Box.

For the pieces, we are mostly neutral based, and we don't follow trends. We want to educate on capsule wardrobes and styling. We are those foundational pieces to add your own personal style to for any ensemble. I also love that we carry Memphis-based designer pieces and products. We also try to source brands that aren't yet in Memphis and bring them here as well.

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Kim Thomas
Shelby jewel in store
Kim Thomas

Kim: When we first met years ago, it was while you were a blogger. Do you feel that having that as part of your background impacted how you approached your boutique? 

Shelby: Absolutely. I think I learned the marketing aspect and knowing what customers are looking for. I also found a hole in the market for Memphis. 

Kim: How often do you receive new arrivals? 

Shelby: Every week. We want to have something new for our customers every time they come in. 

Kim: What’s your favorite thing about owning a boutique? 

Shelby: I love learning the business side of things. It is definitely a learning curve and a humbling experience. I also love seeing our customers enjoy life and gain confidence with the pieces they've purchased from the shop. 

collage of shop interior/items
Kim Thomas
shelby jewel bracelets
Kim Thomas

Kim:  How can people shop with you/keep up with what’s happening with the store? 

Shelby: We have Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest accounts under @shopshelbyjewel, as well as an email newsletter that we send out every Monday. You can also sign up for SMS texts on our website -

Everything in store is online! Lastly, our storefront was designed for our customers in mind to bring a peaceful, open atmosphere experience to your shopping needs—we would love to see y'all there!

Shelby Jewel
715 S Mendenhall Road
Memphis, TN 38117
(901) 791-4747

Mon-Sat: 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Sunday: CLOSED

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Kim Thomas is a lifestyle blogger and photographer based in Memphis, TN. Launched in September 2010, her blog KP Fusion provides fashion, style and beauty tips with a little Memphis flavor thrown in. The goal with her blog is to keep you in the know about the cool happenings in the city and beyond, and she’s partnered with brands like Macy’s, Ulta Beauty, and Loft to help inspire others to be creative and take on beauty and fashion on their own terms.

She specializes in lifestyle photography for small businesses, interiors designers creatives + influencers; her work has been featured in Architectural Digest, HGTV Magazine and on House Beautiful, My Domaine, and Apartment Therapy. “Real life, but prettier.” is her focus with visual storytelling while helping her clients bring their brand visions to life. 

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