Go To City Silo For Healthy, Delicious Eats

Go To City Silo For Healthy, Delicious Eats

The happy place for vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and omnivorous eaters. Also: JUICE!

For clean eating, healthy food, gluten-free, vegan, or omnivorous diets, head to City Silo. Their focus on fresh, healthy eats and accommodating all types of dietary needs makes then stand out. If you’re looking for a healthy meal or a vegetarian restaurants in Memphis—head to one of their locations. 

There’s a City Silo in East Memphis  in the Sanderlin Center behind the Paradiso, and there’s a new one (as of 2021) in the Saddle Creek shopping center in Germantown. They’re open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner—it’s the same menu all day. East Memphis has a couple of tables outside but the Germantown location has a full covered patio. Breakfast is served all day. 

East Memphis location
restaurant interior with warm lighting, long tables, hanging woven lamps
Holly Whitfield
Germantown location.

Juices, Coffees, and More

If you need an immunity boost or some more vitamins in your life, City Silo has a full juice bar. They also have coffee and espresso—when I visited the new location I got an oat milk latte, my new go-to espresso drink order. And also a Solar Power juice with orange, Granny Smith apple, carrot, and ginger. 

City Silo Menu: Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free, Omnivore

The menu has a little bit of everything. There’s a breakfast burrito, a couple of breakfast sandwiches (people love the “Hen House” with chicken and an egg), different kinds of toast including avocado, big ol’ hearty salads, three different veggie burger options, sandwiches, and my favorite, the bowls. 

You can customize a lot of the menu items, too. For example, you can make any salad a wrap instead, substitute gluten free or vegan buns or dairy-free or vegan cheese, add eggs and avocado, and more. 

Everything I’ve tried has been wonderful, though it’s hard for me to want to order one of the simple toasts when they have so many other options busting with flavor. The buffalo tempeh sesame cauliflower bowl is my #1 recommendation. It’s got a unique, addicting taste and a decent heat kick. 

City Silo also puts this buffalo tempeh on a salad called “Get In The Chopper” that Edible Memphis editor Stacey Greenberg put on her list of the Best Salads In Memphis.

Memphis Vegetarian BBQ

Our favorite local vegetarian expert Justin Fox Burks includes City Silo’s Foxy BBQ sandwich, made with spaghetti squash and Rendezvous barbecue sauce, on his list of 5 Memphis Dishes You Should Try

Obviously, there are lot of strong recommendations for this restaurant!

Vegetarian BBQ sandwich
Justin Fox Burks
The Foxy BBQ sandwich.

City Silo at Saddle Creek

The Germantown location is super cute inside, warm and inviting for a lovely breakfast meeting or a coffee or juice date—but they also have a bar with a few local beers and some wines to go with dinner or for a sip after work. There’s a covered patio as I mentioned, too. 

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Gabe Bouck
Don't forget about the Cure-All!! It's SO good! Beats don't get near enough love! :-)
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