Rihanna Wants You To Visit Memphis

While I can understand why she kept a low profile, I’m a little bit sad we didn’t know Rihanna visited our humble city last summer. We would have rolled out the red carpet for her!

Rihanna posted on her Instagram and Twitter accounts today about a quiet trip she took to Memphis last summer, specifically to the National Civil Rights Museum.

Here is what she said:

“finally found em’…. got cabin fever last summer and took a road trip to Memphis. MAN… I can’t describe the feeling that came over me, you gotta go to experience it for yourself! #MLK”

I take that as an endorsement, at least for the world renowned National Civil Rights Museum. If you haven’t been, put this at the top of your list. It’s an immersive, interactive, powerful place built on the site of Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination. Beyond Dr. King’s story, the museum provides context on civil rights struggles across the globe.

Hopefully Rihanna also got to visit a few more places while she was in town.

See the post for yourself:


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