Heated Patios In Memphis and the Mid-South

Heated Patios In Memphis and the Mid-South

Here's a list of places with heated patios in the Memphis area. Got one to add? Drop us a comment!

Everything is subject to change. Call ahead to confirm.

BEGINNING 2/20/2021: Shelby Co. Health Dept.'s Directive 18 eliminates capacity restrictions for dine-in services but requires that for all indoor/outdoor dining, seating must be separated 6 feet apart, and restaurants can be open until midnight. Read the directive here. Please follow all health policies and wear a mask!

Andrew Michael Italian Kitchen patio. Photo by Cara Greenstein.

Heated Patios In East Memphis and Germantown

River Oaks at Poplar/240 has a patio with heaters; call for a reservations.
Bounty on Broad has a small heated patio; call or go online to make a reservation.
Brookhaven Pub has a covered, semi-enclosed patio with radiant floor heating and a couple of standalone heaters, too.
Mellow Mushroom on Park Ave. has a large patio with heaters.
The Central BBQ location near Poplar/240 has a covered, heated patio.
Cheffie's in High Point has a heated patio.
ACRE on South Perkins has a courtyard patio with heaters; call ahead for reservations.
Andrew Michael Italian Kitchen in Brookhaven Circle has a patio with ceiling heaters and a fireplace.
Babalu's East Memphis location has several heaters on its patio.
Huey's in Germantown has an enclosed, heated patio.
Soccer City 901 on Shelby Oaks Drive has firepits on the spacious patio.
Coastal Fish Company at Shelby Farms has a heated patio.
Houston's has a heated patio.
Owen Brennan's has a heated patio.
Salsa in Regalia Shopping Center has a heated patio.
Swanky's East Memphis and Germantown locations both have heated patios (see East Memphis location image below)
Libro at Laurelwood (attached to the Novel bookstore) offers a heated patio.

Heated Patios In Downtown Memphis

Sage Memphis on Main Street has a heated outdoor patio (hours vary, call ahead)
Felicia Suzanne's courtyard patio on Main Street is heated. Make reservations.
Cocozza Italian American (in the Majestic location) has a covered, heated patio; call or go online to make a reservation.
Max's Sports Bar in South Main has several heaters on their partially-covered back patio.
Loflin Yard has firepits and several heated areas in their sprawling outdoor space.
Momma's has an enclosed, heated patio.
Comeback Coffee in The Pinch has a heated courtyard patio.
Rizzo's by Chef Michael Patrick in South Main has a new heated patio.
Blind Bear Speakeasy on Main Street has a heated patio.
Silky O'Sullivan's has three heated pavilions and additional heated areas on their patio.
Curfew Memphis has a heated patio. Call for reservations.
Carolina Watershed has a heated patio. 

Photo courtesy of Cocozza Italian American.

Patios With Heaters In Midtown Memphis

Celtic Crossing in Cooper Young has a heated, semi-enclosed, covered patio.
Bhan Thai has heaters on its entirely covered patio, tables are socially distance and each table has its own heater.
Beauty Shop has cool heated igloos on the back patio and heated greenhouses in the front patio—both of these covered dining options are for one party each. There are also heaters for the uncovered tables; call for reservations.
Lafayette's in Overton Square has many large and fiery-looking heaters on their double-decker patio.
Slider Inn Midtown has a heated, semi-enclosed patio.
Babalu in Overton Square's patio has several heaters.
ECCO on Overton Park offers a front patio and a covered back patio with individual table heaters
The Second Line + Restaurant Iris has covered and heated patio dining areas; reservations recommended.
Railgarten has firepits in their outdoor area, call ahead to see if they're lit. 

Cheffie's in High Point.

I know there's a ton more—we're just getting started!

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Gracie Lee
Brookhaven Pub & Grill: Brookhaven's beloved patio is covered and walled. The patio has radiant heating underneath the concrete floor and windows and garage doors can be shut during the chilly winter months. In addition, the outdoor, uncovered patio area has two umbrella heaters.
December 9, 2020 4:40pm

Katherine Siano
At Beauty Shop we have plenty of heated outdoor tables- we have greenhouses and igloos (all with heaters) for covered outdoor seating with one party to a greenhouse/igloo, and then heaters next to the more "open" outdoor tables. Reservations highly encouraged!
December 11, 2020 11:25pm

Holly Whitfield
We got you! Thank you. One question from a reader: do you all currently allow smoking on the patio? Just want to make a note. Thanks again!
December 11, 2020 11:36pm

Holly Whitfield
Awesome! I've got y'all added.
December 11, 2020 11:36pm

2 more heated patios: Coastal Fish Company, Salsa
December 12, 2020 8:16am

Holly Whitfield
Thanks, Molly! Added.
December 12, 2020 11:01am

Vicki Gill
Silky O’Sullivan’s also has heated patio seating. We have 3 heated pavilions and additional heated areas for dining outside. ☘️
December 12, 2020 11:46am

Holly Whitfield
Thank you Vicki! Added.
December 12, 2020 1:16pm

Brintha Vilvarajah
Bhan Thai has more than just heaters...all sections of the patio on the side and in the back are covered so people are protected from the wind and any rain. The tables are spaced out appropriately and each table has a personal heater so everyone stays nice and toasty! There are also beautiful string lights to add to the atmosphere.
December 13, 2020 8:03pm