Where To Get A Cuban Sandwich In Memphis

Where To Get A Cuban Sandwich In Memphis

National Cuban Sandwich Day is August 23! This food holiday is even more made-up than the usual made-up food holidays, but I think a sandwich with ham, pork, cheese, and pickles is worth celebrating anytime.

Never had one? An original Cuban sandwich is constructed with Cuban bread, ham, roasted pork, Swiss cheese, pickles, and mustard, but there are variations.

Best Cuban Sandwich In Memphis

I get the question "Where is the best Cuban sandwich in Memphis?" on a regular basis, and so I decided to compile a list. Want to add something? Send in your sandwich pics or leave a comment.

Here's a list of where to get a Cuban in Memphis, in no particular order.

Sabor Caribe

This Caribbean restaurant in The Edge naturally makes a mean Cuban to go along with their arepas, patacons, and the Bomba B Venezeulan street burger. (Pictured above)

Elwood's Shack

Excellent barbecue, amazing fish tacos, 7up pimento cheese biscuits, and now they're selling fresh cuts of steak—is there anything Elwood's Shack can't do? Their Cuban sandwich is a favorite of local foodies. Theirs is the controversial Tampa version, which also includes salami.

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High Point Pizza

This neighborhood pizza joint comes up every time we talk about Cuban sandwiches. It's at the top of my list to try for myself. Read more about High Point's pizza, which you is conveniently located right off the Greenline in the High Point neighborhood.

Lucchesi's Beer Garden

Lucchesi's Beer Garden in East Memphis has their own take on a Cuban sandwich, made with toasted and pressed sliced bread. Pair this sammy with a local craft beer, because Lucchesi's Beer Garden has a huge selection.

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The Liquor Store

When you look at Liquor Store's Latin-infused menu and decor, there's no surprise they offer a Cuban sandwich as well. Get it with a side of plantain chips and a fruity cocktail. Read more about the Liquor Store's breakfast all day.

Soul Fish

We know them for their fried catfish plates and Southern "vegetables" (read: mac 'n' cheese) but Soul Fish also makes a mean Cuban sandwich. They have multiple locations in the Mid-South. Read more about Soul Fish.

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Las Delicias

Las Delicias has Cuban torta on a toasted white hoagie with all the fun torta toppings. Get it to go along with an order of guacamole, the best in town, and chips, also the best in town. Read more about Las Delicias.

Aldo's Midtown

Aldo's uses Central BBQ's smoked pork for their Cubano sandwich, available only at the midtown shop. Read more about Aldo's, and check out the Cubano's Five Minute Food Review.


Maciel's, in addition to about 100 absolutely delicious Mexican dishes, has a Cubano torta on the menu. They take the idea of a Cuban sandwich and blast it to outer space. It comes with the usual pork and ham, plus grilled chicken, milanese, a fried egg, and torta toppings (avocado, mayo, sour cream, carrots, jalapeño, onion, lettuce, cheese, and beans). This sandwich will fight you! Read more about Maciel's and my first time eating their Cubano torta. 

Got more ideas? Tag me in your Cuban sandwich photos on Instagram (@ilovememphisblog) or leave a comment.

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Mike Fitzpatrick
The Cuban at Buckley’s Lunchbox is pretty great!
August 22, 2020 8:42pm
Holly Whitfield
I'll have to check it out!
August 24, 2020 12:47pm
The Cubana at Sam's Deli on Highland!
September 3, 2020 11:41am
Holly Whitfield
I've heard great things! Sadly I think they're temporarily closed.
September 3, 2020 11:47am