Your Guide To Memphis Black Restaurant Week 2020

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Ed. Note: Wesley has all the info on Memphis Black Restaurant Week for this year, which is March 8-14 and features deals and discounts at about a dozen locally-owned restaurants. Discover a hidden gem this year!

Top photo: Ribs from Ballhoggerz BBQ.

Food is the purest and most sincere method of communication between humans. Entire cultures can be distilled into flavor combinations and cooked into stories, myths, history. And there is no better way to engage with our culture than eating at Memphis’ black-owned restaurants.

The annual Memphis Black Restaurant Week 2020 is happening March 8 through March 14, and as far as I’m concerned, it’s the best week of the whole year. Visit your favorite spots, or expand your culinary horizons, for less! Here are the details on deals, and great food at eleven black-owned restaurants in Memphis.

To celebrate, many participating restaurants offer specials—most of them multi-course $15 and $25 meals—but there’s some variety in there, too. The full menu, which will include food and drink deals, will be released March 3. Follow MBRW’s website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for updates.

This event, organized by Cynthia Daniels, has brought in over half a million dollars in business for black-owned businesses since it started in 2016.

Here’s the full list of participating restaurants:

The Waffle Iron
The Waffle Iron is back in action at their Park Avenue location following a fire last year. Make sure you head over there for brunch, because it’s amazing.

Sage’s Southern fusion cuisine is an excellent addition to South Main. Some of my favorite things about it are the late night menu, which they serve until 1 a.m. on Saturdays, and the $11 weekly lunch specials which have yet to disappoint.


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Soup of the day: Chicken, Sausage and Shrimp Gumbo

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The Office @ Uptown
Definitely one of the more interesting restaurant concepts in Memphis, The Office @ Uptown is a soup & sandwich café that features computer desks, copiers, and phones you can use for the ultimate working lunch. I work around the corner from both this place and have to fight off the urge to order their teriyaki chicken on ciabatta every day. 

The Four Way
When I was a kid, my grandmother lived on Mississippi Blvd walking distance from The Four Way, and just the other day I went there for the salmon croquettes, so it’s been in my life for basically forever. This Southern home-cooking restaurant is not only an historic place where civil rights leaders, celebrities, and locals have gathered for decades, but the food is amazing. 

Chef Tam’s Underground Cafe
Have y’all been to Chef Tam’s new location Downtown yet? It’s fire. A very welcome upgrade. And the food is still perfect. Chef Tam’s Underground Cafe is probably the best new restaurant to open in Memphis in the last, I dunno, five years? Ten? Seriously, eat there. Get the Hot Bird. Also, Chef Tam is, by all metrics, a celebrity chef, and she’s still just so humble!


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Robusto by Havana Mix
I don’t think I’m cool enough to hang out at cigar bars, but if I was, Robusto would be my spot. They also have a cocktail menu that I hear is stellar.

BallHoggerz BBQ
BallHoggerz’ award-winning barbecue has definitely made an impact on Memphis. I haven’t been here yet, but MBRW will absolutely change that. Holly says it’s the best banana pudding she’s had in Memphis.

Flava House
Flava House has a menu full of Southern and Cajun dishes, all of which sound great, but I can personally vouch for the fried Slappin Salmon Sandwich. They also recently moved to South Main, so if you’re Downtown looking for lunch, be sure to stop in. 

Curry N Jerk
I’m a simple man. I see arroz con pollo, I order it. Curry N Jerk is a Jamaican/Panamanian fusion restaurant, so arroz con pollo with jerk pollo was like…wow. 

This is another one I’ll be checking out for the first time during MBRW, and I’m very excited. Southern and Creole always go together, and the stage show-theming is pretty charming. 

Phillip Ashley Chocolates
Phillip Ashley is THE dude to go to if you need to REALLY make an impression. His chocolate works of art are so rich and delicious that they can sweeten even the sourest of souls. When I was just a young barista,  his shop was over in Cooper-Young, I would always walk by, see the chocolates on display through the window, and just think, “Man, I wish I could afford this.” 


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Which restaurants are you trying this year?

Go there:

Memphis Black Restaurant Week
March 8 – 14, 2020
Various Locations

MBRW Website

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