Try Asian Street Food From Quasi Halal Food Truck

Try Asian Street Food From Quasi Halal Food Truck

Ed. Note: Michael is back with another edition of his food truck series. This time, it's Asian street food from a super fun colorful truck, Quasi Halal. Have a little-known food truck he should explore? Email me at [email protected] or Tweet to him at @_one901. Then click here to read his other food articles. In the past, he's tried Gourmade, Chomp, Soi Number 9, that one Mexican BBQ shack, plus the Wing Guru (not a food truck). What. Will. He. Eat. Neeeexxt??

It’s Mike again! I’m back for another installment of my quest to find the best of the food trucks around the city, focusing on the newest or lesser known trucks. My latest adventure was to Cooper Young to try out the Indonesian inspired truck, Quasi. The official name is Quasi Halal Asian Street Food. It’s pretty hard to miss this truck. It’s super brightly colored. Check out that dope Memphis skyline! On this day, I found the truck in the corner of the Cooper Young farmers market. The menu is a bit hard to decipher, but they have pictures to help navigate. Trust me, most times I need pictures instead of a wordy description. Shout out Dr Seuss!   I decided I would try out the Chicken Satay combo. What’s chicken satay? It’s grilled chicken kabobs with a peanut sauce. (So if you’re allergic, you’ll need to have it without the sauce...or just steer clear.) I was pleasantly surprised that I was asked before I ordered if I had a peanut allergy. The combo also came with fried rice. I also got a order of coconut shrimp. A word of caution; the looks of the chicken satay would probably scare away most children. You have to get over the looks and go strictly for the taste. I’m really big on what food looks like so this was a huge adjustment for me. I will say this, the chicken was pretty good. The peanut sauce was a bit different. It has the looks of crunchy peanut butter, but has the taste of a teriyaki sauce….with peanuts. I wish I had the peanut sauce on the side, because it would make a good dipping sauce. Southerners love gravy! The fried rice was slightly sweet. A lot sweeter than any fried rice I’ve ever had. It’s loaded with greens and onions! I really, really enjoyed the rice. Definitely try this rice! The coconut shrimp is definitely for the coconut lover. They are loaded with coconut. There aren’t lots of places that serve it and it was cool that Quasi offers it. Would I recommend Quasi as a must try in Memphis? I definitely think it’s worth the try for something different and unique. Growing up in South Memphis, I only knew of one type of Asian food, so this was very different from what I’ve known. The prices weren’t crazy and I don’t feel that I wasted any. I believe trying the foods of other cultures is very important. I always learn something new while expanding my  palate. You can check the location of Quasi by following them on their Facebook page. Here's a few more photos, provided by Ghost River, where this truck can frequently be found.


Quasi Halal's Beef & Chicken Satay 👌

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