Guest Post (Sort Of): Five Fish Friday Memphis Meals

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Ed. Note: I’m happy to bring you this guest post from Doug Gillon about seafood options in Memphis. As a bonus, they’re all pretty affordable and healthy. Alas, I couldn’t stop myself from adding some clearly-marked commentary. 

Lent is over, Easter has come and gone, but there are still plenty of reasons to make Friday a day to seek out some of the best fish and seafood available in town. Eating at least two seafood meals a week has proven health benefits for your heart. Check out these options for a delicious Fish Friday in Memphis.

– The Brass Door Downtown (152 Madison)


Photo provided by Doug G.

This Irish pub is already famous for it’s fish and chips, but they have lots of other Friday fish specials, too. The crab cake sliders are crispy, flaky and a balanced flavor. (Holly: So these are like crab cakes on buns? Sold.)

Soul Fish Café (3 locations: Cooper Young, East Memphis, and Germantown)


Photo provided by Doug G.

Now that you can get Soul Fish in any part of town, most people have been able to try their infamous fried catfish baskets. A slightly less-known menu item, however, is their blackened catfish Caesar salad – a tasty alternative to something fried. (Holly: You know I’m still gonna order hushpuppies with this.)

Booyah’s (330-101 Market Street, Collierville) 


Photo provided by Doug G.

Over in Collierville is a delightful burrito and burger joint: Booyah’s. A local favorite – one that’s not on the marquee, but still jumps off the menu – are the fish tacos, which feature grilled tilapia and some solid toppings. Also big here is the salsa bar, with more than seven kinds of salsa to enjoy. (Holly: OK, this is going on my list. You had me at salsa bar.)

Havana’s Pilon (143 Madison)

Empanadas (Havanas Pilon)

Photo provided by Doug G.

At $2.75, the empanadas at Havana’s downtown are not only delicious, but easy on the wallet as well (if you can manage to order just one). Get adventurous and try the shrimp variety. These homemade, tender, flaky pastry pockets filled with shrimp and cheese are a filling seafood meal and won’t weigh you down too much (again, if you can manage to stop at one). (Holly: I see you have four in this photo, Doug. No judgement, though; they look delicious.)

Flying Fish (105 S. Second Street)

Flying Fish Healthy Plate

Photo by Holly W.

Holly: I had to throw in one more Fish Friday idea, just because I’ve already written an extensive post about the Flying Fish in downtown Memphis. A lot of folks love their fish tacos, but I’m a weirdo who isn’t much into los tacos de pescado. Instead, I go for their grilled fish platter, which comes with red beans and rice and veggies. It’s so much food. 

Also, if you need a little adult beverage with your Fish Friday, they have some swell margaritas.

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 1.05.32 PM

About The Author: Doug is a writer and graphic designer in Memphis. He’s on the board of the Memphis Comedy Fest, hosts various open mic nights, and is the founder and co-host of the Tuesday Show, a monthly gathering of stand-up comics.

Doug wrote this post on behalf of the Seafood Nutrition Partnership in Memphis and urges you to take the healthy heart pledge at www.snpmemphis.com and to commit to eating at least two seafood meals a week and living a heart-healthy lifestyle.

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  1. xine says:

    you forgot elwoods which serves one of the best fish tacos in this city!

  2. Joaquin says:

    I’d like to add Elena’s Taco Shop’s fish tacos on Summer Avenue. You can have the fish either grilled or fried. They’re truly delicious.

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