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Posted by Holly Whitfield | February 19th 2016 5020 0

Flying Fish has long been a favorite downtown Memphis lunch option for me, for three reasons. First, it’s pretty affordable, especially for seafood. Second, it’s convenient: you order at the counter, the line moves fast, and there’s plenty of seating. Finally, Flying Fish has healthy options – you can always go for their fried seafood, but they offer grilled versions of most things.

Oh, and I guess there’s a fourth reason: their food is delicious. Let’s talk more about that.

Flying Fish Fish Tacos

Y’all love fish tacos. When I asked you on Instagram about your favorite seafood options in town, quite a few of you said fish tacos from places like Babalu, Elwood’s Shack, Elena’s Taco Shop, Soul Fish, and of course Flying Fish.

I went to lunch at Flying Fish in downtown Memphis for lunch recently with my friend. She ordered the grilled tilapia tacos, but you can also get them with fried catfish. They come with a side of red beans and rice, but because we were afraid of being too healthy, we subbed in some fried okra.

Flying Fish Hush Puppies

Speaking of being afraid to be too healthy, hush puppies were one of my first food loves. Flying Fish has some amazing ones. Seriously, a life without hush puppies is no life at all.

Flying Fish Billy Bass Wall

It seems random to have a collection of kitschy plastic, singing fish nailed to the wall of your restaurant, but did you know that Billy Bass has ties to Memphis? Billy’s song of choice, “Take Me To The River”, was co-written by Memphis musician Teenie Hodges and Stax artist Al Green.

Flying Fish Healthy Plate

My usual order at Flying Fish is the Grilled Fish Plate with rainbow trout, grilled veggies, and red beans and rice; it’s delicious, pretty healthy, and very filling. There are a few options for the grilled fish plate: you can get catfish, tilapia, or red snapper or mahi mahi as available, and you can choose from garlic olive oil, garlic butter, or a blackened seasoning on your fish.

Flying Fish Interior

This is a great option if you’re doing “meatless” Fridays for Lent or if you’re just looking for seafood. Here are a few more seafood options y’all shared on Twitter:

Flying Fish is open every day from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. and they have daily specials you can see here. Click here for their menu.

Go there:

Flying Fish
105 S. Second Street
Memphis, Tennessee 38103

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