Rise-N-Shine: Breakfest901 Photo Recap

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Read about the 2017 Breakfest here.

This past Saturday was the first-ever Breakfest 901 in Memphis. Local cooking teams gathered at the Broad Avenue Water Tower Pavilion to prepare brunch and breakfast foods for judges (including yours truly).

Blueberry cinnamon roll was an entry in the “Breakfast Sweets” category.

The festival also had live music, vendors, photo booth, a Bloody Mary contest, and of course, food. Breakfest 901 was a benefit for the Urban Bicycle Food Ministry, a local nonprofit that delivers (usually by bike) nutritious meals and other supplies to people experiencing homelessness in Memphis.

Folks making burritos for the UBFM. Photo via UBFM on Facebook.

The UBFM feeds between 200 and 300 people each week, and their efforts are made possible by financial donations, item donations (click here for a list), and food packing and delivery volunteers. Click here for the Facebook group to get connected if you want to help.

I have a photo recap from the festival below (an excuse for breakfest food porn, basically) but first, the winners. They all received “Skillets of Greatness”.

If you were on a cooking team and won, please leave a comment and tell us which item you prepared. All the judging was blind and on a point system, so I’d love to know which food won!

Best Bloody Mary: Skimo’s

Best Breakfast Sweet: “Wake N Bakers”

Best Breakfast Sandwich: Babalu

Bacon Lovers: Tart

Best Omelet: Tart

Anything Goes: Dos Eggys


Getting ready for judging:


Meterologist Andrew Kozak from Channel 5 was also a judge. This was his forecast for Saturday; you can see his fun “Old School Forecasts” every day on his Instagram @andrewkozaktv

breakfest-901-old-school-forecast breakfest-901-2

Breakfast “nachos”:


These were filled with chocolate:


Orange creme cupcake for breakfast? Don’t mind if I do…


Pyramid Vodka Bloody Mary competition had some very creative garnishes:



Yes that’s bacon on top of that mini-macaron:


More garnish fun:


It wouldn’t be a Bloody Mary contest without some crazy, bacon-wrapped edible garnishes:

breakfest-901-bloody-mary-burger-garnish breakfest-901-bloody-mary-ice-cubes breakfest-901-bloody-mary-garnish-okra

Fried green tomato with pork belly and a fried egg entry in the “Breakfast Sandwich” catgeory:


More food to judge. Whew.


Grilled cheese with marshmallow cream served with Doritos, Fritos, and potato chips. And wine. This felt distinctly like a bribe for the judges, and I was ok with it.


Shrimp, sausage, fried egg and cheese breakfast sandwich:


Sausage fried in funnel cake batter with maple syrup and a flower garnish, because why not?


Blueberry chicken ‘n’ waffles with poached egg:


Serious breakfast grilling set up:


There were two groups of judges. My group judged the Sweets and Sandwich category. From left to right: Food and recipe blogger Andrea of Andrea’s Cooktales, me, Andrew Kozak (weather man from Channel 5) and Joey Sulipeck (weather man from Channel 13).


Creative Team Name #1


Creative Team Name #2:


Kayne made an appearance…


Creative Team Name #3:



Me, breakfest-ing. This photo via @breakfest901 on Instagram.

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 12.01.59 PM

The second round of judges. Photo via Breakfest. From left to right: Chris Herrington from the Commerical Appeal, Kevin Cerrito from Cerrito Live/I Love Memphis Podcast, John Minervini from The Fork/Memphis Flyer, Andrew Breig from the Memphis Daily News, and Amanda Hill and Noah Glenn from Choose 901.

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 12.02.25 PM

The following photos were taken by I Love Memphis Podcast cohost/trivia master/Cerrito Live host Kevin Cerrito. He was a judge for the second round of categories: Omelet, Bacon, and “Anything Goes”. You can follow Kevin on Twitter at @cerrito.

breakfest-901-kevin breakfest-901-kevin-breakfast breakfest-901-kevin-potato breakfest-901-kevin-pastry breakfest-901-kevin-breakfest


Bacon Pyramid. Or something. Wow!


View from the judges table:


Thank to you the

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