Compete and Eat at Breakfest 2017

Posted by Holly Whitfield | August 24th 2017 14497 0

Do you love breakfast food? Do you dream about brunch? Breakfest 2017 is the event for you. This year’s third annual festival is in the Southern College of Optometry lot (in the Medical District) on September 23, 2017. Tickets are $10 each, and I have one pair to give away. Scroll a bit to find out how to win.

Congrats to our winner, Summer! Thanks to everyone who entered.

Attending The Festival

Fest ticket holders will be able to enjoy food trucks with brunch menu items available for purchase, brunch-y cocktails for purchase, games like cornhole and life-size Jenga, live entertainment, vendors like Sache and Fan Essentials, the Memphis Grizzlies and more, plus a mobile TV trailer so you can watch All The Sports.

The event benefits the Urban Bicycle Food Ministry.


To win pair of tickets ($10 each, $20 value), just leave me a comment on this post telling me your favorite breakfast dishes in town. I will do a random drawing on Monday, August 28 at 9 a.m.

About The Competition

BreakFest is primarily a cooking competition, where local foodies will judge teams in five categories: Best Omelet, Best Breakfast Sandwich, Breakfast Sweets, Anything Goes, and Bacon Lovers. Check out photos from past festivals here and here. You’ll need to have a friend with a tent who’s willing to share or to be on a team yourself for access to that competition food.

So, if think you cook the best omelets, or have a secret recipe for the perfect pancake,  or make a mean bacon-wrapped something, you might want to get a cooking team together and sign up.

There will also be a Bloody Mary Contest for local restaurants. If you want to taste and vote on your favorite Bloody Marys, get a VIP ticket for $35

Tickets are on sale. This event WILL sell out (it has every year), so get yours ASAP.

Go there:

BreakFest 901
Southern College of Optometry
(corner of Union and Belleveue in the Memphis Medical District)
September 23, 2017
10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

$10 GA advance / $35 VIP advance
A very limited number of tickets will be sold at the gate, but I would definitely buy some now.


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  1. Peter says:

    Bryant’s bacon-egg-and-cheese biscuit is the best breakfast in town.

  2. Felicia says:

    Sweet Potato Pancakes from Arcade…swoon!

  3. Kendra says:

    Lemon Meringue Waffle at Automatic Slims #BrunchIsLife #GetBrunchOrDieTrying

  4. Nichole Roberts says:

    Omelet at Staks – Gouda, spinach, bacon and mushrooms with a short stack of pancakes.

  5. Hannah says:

    Favorite breakfasts around town are the No3 special at Brother Junipers and French toast almost anywhere.

  6. Ashlesha Lokhande says:

    Stuffed French Toast from Cafe Eclectic!

  7. Rb says:

    I like oatmeal

  8. Laurie Williams says:

    My favorite breakfast is a shortstack and fried eggs from Barksdale’s on Cooper. I feel like I’m in a small town diner every time I go, and one time, I saw the actor Michael O’Neill (aka Secret Service Agent Ron Butterfield from the West Wing) there enjoying his own home-cooked breakfast. **Author’s note: I did not in fact confirm it was Michael O’Neill, but if it wasn’t, he was the most convincing doppelganger I’ve ever seen. And I still tell people it was him for the sake of the story. **


    I love ANYTHING at the Pancake House on Summer…best biscuits ever!

  10. Meleah says:

    I love the fried oyster benedict at Local! Also, any of the pancakes at Staks!

  11. Dean Jones says:

    I always like to make sure I have some sweet and some savory! French toast, eggs, bacon, really good cheese grits. You can never go wrong with that!

  12. Andrew Bartolotta says:

    I love Cafe Eclectic’s Levitt Shell specialty iced coffee with their bacon waffle ☕️ or anything from Majestic’s brunch menu including their breakfast pizza.

  13. Aleks Antonio says:

    My favorite breakfast in the city is biscuit and gravy from Bryant’s

  14. Denise Norman says:

    Waffle House Waffles. Favorite!

  15. Mary Beth says:

    Best breakfast dish is at the Blue Plate: 2 eggs any style, bacon, grits, biscuits and sawmill gravy!

  16. Sharon Skinner says:

    Hi would love to win those pair of tickets. My favor breakfast is chicken and waffles. Thank you for doing this. Sharon

  17. Rebekah Beasley says:

    I very much enjoy anything from Brother Junipers BUT the San Diegan really does it for me. Especially with potatoes! I’m a savory girl so that is my favorite Memphis breakfast.

  18. Megan says:

    Nutella pancakes at Bryant’s

  19. Mayra says:

    Staks pancake house pancakes!!!

  20. Chelsea says:

    I’d love to go to this!

  21. AK Fehrenbach says:

    Western omelette at Stone Soup cafe!!!

  22. Francis campbell says:

    I FREAKIN LOVE Breakfast ! I can eat it all day any day .. for lunch or dinner …. to the point that I am that mom that makes bacon,eggs, and pancakes for dinner. I’m a Miami transplant and Brother Junipers Cheese Grits is my poison. I always order a to-go portion just so I can eat it at night

  23. Shannon says:

    The biscuits and gravy, a low-key side item on the Hog & Hominy brunch menu, is INCREDIBLE! But during the week (when aincan) I’m all about a beautifully made cortado from City and State to get my day started!

  24. Jeff Cowens says:

    The Belgian waffle with a side of Papas Fritas at Bounty on Broad!!

  25. Sarah says:

    Gibsons apple fritter is the best breakfast. Hands down.

  26. Wendi stec says:

    Trying to decide my favorite breakfast dishes is tough, like really really tough, , but here is what came to my mind first:
    -biscuits from blue plate
    -chicken and waffles from automatic slim’s
    -grit fries from south of beale
    -grapefruit brûlée and all pastries from beauty shop
    -bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit from Bryant’s
    -everything from the pancake shop

  27. CiCi Flanagan says:

    I just moved to Memphis, but I gotta say, I love the breakfast potatos at Brothers Junipers!

  28. Jessica says:

    Anything from Brother Juniper’s but especially the #3 with home fries and a biscuit; the crepes at Stone Soup; the sweet potato pancakes at the Arcade!

  29. Lydia Luther says:

    The ham pimento and cheese croissant from Automatic Slims is the best breakfast in the world. I want to eat it for every meal.

  30. Sherrie Lemons says:

    The two eggs and bacon with cheese grits and bottomless coffee at Bob Barksdale is my go to, but I’ve recently been on a mission to try everything at Tart. I haven’t found a meal that an iced Cafe Miel doesn’t compliment yet!

  31. Michelle says:

    My daughter and I LOOOVVEEE STAKS before she heads to school at Harding Academy when she’s been on TOP of her game!!!

  32. Elizabeth says:

    I love love love the open-faced omelets at Brother Juniper’s! The combination of cooked and fresh ingredients gets me totally ready for any action-packed Saturday.

  33. Sharon says:

    The Creme Brûlée French Toast on the brunch menu at Bonefish Grill is simply delicious! I also enjoy the Bellini style Georgia Peach Martini!

  34. Jason Ten Eyck says:

    The Beauty shop has the absolute best Sausage gravy and biscuits in Memphis!!

  35. Max Hayes says:

    The chicken and waffles at Southern Social are da bomb !!

  36. Jomara Rogers says:

    Okay if you’re from everyone know the best breakfast spot is Brother’s Junipers located on Walker. My favorite healthy eating is the tofu vegan sausage scramble with the Haberno Garlic Sauce. Also people should check out their potato skillets…can you say scrumptious. Oh the mere thought have me salivating. Also they make different muffins daily, but you can catch the prior one marked down at the register. Also the wait is long but what better way to enjoy by getting a cup of Joe from the coffee bar. I can tell more but I’m giving too much away. So if not from Memphis or perhaps just haven’t visit please go and thank me if you know this name. Jomara sent you there.
    P.S. The best service ever

  37. Kenneth Cummings says:

    Ok, breakfast is my LIFE. Pancakes Over Everything!!! So, I have a list of my favorites (pancakes):

    1) My Mom’s Pancakes – made on an over 50 year old cast iron skillet.

    2) My Own – I learned from my mom!

    3) (Chain): Cracker Barrel – it’s the crunch on the edges of their pancakes that make me LOVE them. They actually took the spot over Perkins.

    4) (Local): Staks – first time I went, I loved them!!! Anytime I’m free before they close, if 1 & 2 aren’t happening, I go with Staks.

    Memphis is home; I live in Jackson though. But if EVER you need a pancake man, @ me! Lol.

    Ok, I’m done.

  38. AJ Vega says:

    I love bacon!!!

  39. Will Duffy says:

    Any scramble dish at Brother Juniper’s

  40. handtalker says:

    My fave breakfast is at Brother Juniper’s! It’s the San Diegan with a side of pesto & an order of cheese grits. YUM. (And I *still* miss Republic Coffee. **sniff*

  41. Kristin Ferryman says:

    Maximo’s chilaquiles. Edge Alley’s biscuit sandwiches. Stak’s huevos rancheros. Caminos de Michoacán’s huevos a la mexicana.

  42. Brenda Fowler says:

    My personal fave is short sweet and delicious! CKs coffee shop on Poplar at Belvedere. The corn beef hash and eggs are to die for!

  43. Tiffany says:

    Another broken egg shrimp and grits

  44. Taylor says:

    Gritttttsssss! I’ll take Gouda grits from Staks, Brother Juniper’s loaded cheese grits, City grits from Another Broken Egg, or hit me with the classic grits at Stone soup. Alll amazing!

  45. Elizabeth Ennis says:

    The blueberry pancakes at Hog & Hominy with that Porcellino’s bacon is delish! And the chicken & waffles at Southern Social is one of the best!

  46. Mark says:

    The Curb Market at Crosstown Concourse has a hot breakfast bar with locally sourced farm-fresh eggs and produce and pasture-fed meats!

  47. Cathy says:

    Elwood’s Croissant or BBQ Burrito. The breakfast pizza at Rock N Dough.

  48. Jake Davis says:

    I love Stak’s Pancake Kitchen. Anything there is amazing no matter what time of day it is!

  49. David says:

    The almond crossiant from La Baguette or the apple fritter from Gibson’s. Depends if I’m looking for light and airy or dense comfort food.

  50. Jodie says:

    Bryants everything!!! My all time fave is the everything omelet with
    City ham
    American cheese
    Along with 3 fluffy biscuits.
    It’s WONDERFUL!!!

  51. Scott M Rauls says:

    Home made fried potatoes and sausage mixed top will 2 lightly fried eggs

  52. EeTerrica Reeves-Dotstry says:

    Im new to Memphis but I love breakfast food.So I’ve been on the breakfast scene lol. So far my favorite breakfast food comes from E’s diner. I love their waffles,eggs,and hash browns!!! OMG talk about delicious and the people are always kind.

  53. Kimber Savidge says:

    Oh breakfast! How I love thee!!

    We love Staks–sweet spot for my fam and all the littles.-birthday cake or cinnamon roll pancakes. We love Bryant’s , Blue Plate, Cafe Eclectic-any biscuits and bacon!

  54. Steven says:

    My favorite has to be my grandmother’s chocolate gravy and biscuits. Every time I think about it, I’m 9 years old again and in her kitchen.

  55. Michelle Butler says:

    I love the biscuits at Brother Juniper’s! Sooo good!!

  56. Summer says:

    To me you can’t beat the Bryant’s Breakfast Special. Two eggs over medium with sausage, grits, gravy, and THOSE BISCUITS! YUM!

  57. Zac Coleman says:

    Gotta love that 1) Flight brunch- Mimosa bottle service, chicken and waffles, French quarter scramble. 2) The Second Line’s Breakf(e)st Poboy. 3)The Arcade’s Eggs Redneck. 4)The Majestic’s chef special Brisket and sweet potato hash. 5)Stak’s Cinnamon Roll pancakes! In no particular order

  58. Alicia says:

    Blue Plate Cafe pancakes

  59. Haley says:

    Automatic Slims– Banana Foster-French Toast

  60. Fred P says:

    Bologna Egg & cheese biscuit at Bryant’s is very good, but I have to go with Owen Brennan’s brunch… an omelet smothered in their Crawfish ettoufee or cream sauce.

  61. Stone Taylor says:

    Peanut butter banana and bacon sandwich from the Arcade Restaurant

  62. Louis Connelly says:

    Have you tried McDonald’s? They used to be more for hamburgers and sandwiches, but then they also added breakfast!

    Also, they have multiple locations, very convenient.

  63. David Lowes says:

    Steak and Eggs at The Majestic……medium rare and scrambled.

  64. Kyle says:

    Favorite breakfast is red velvet pancakes at Automatic Slims!

    Love the blog

  65. Jayde says:

    Blueberry pancakes from The Arcade

  66. Cori says:

    Catfish and grits from Rizzo’s

  67. David Wade says:

    I love the sweet potato pancakes at Arcade Restaurant! The Andouille Hash at Bosco Squared for brunch is incredible! John D’s breakfast at the Majestic Grille for Sunday Brunch is also extremely good!

  68. Mallory says:

    My favorite breakfast item in Memphis is a Bloody Mary from Bayou!

  69. Jill Hertz says:

    I love Memphis Hash and Breakfast Bites from Ultimate Foods! Also, love the Applewood Bacon and Cheddar Egg Sandwich from Einstein Bagel.

  70. Sanaria Thomas says:

    Sweet potato pancakes from Another Broken Egg

  71. Lauren Schenck says:

    I love grabbing breakfast at Bob’s diner, especially after a night of drinks!

  72. Duncs says:

    Debris breakfast at Elwood’s Shack

  73. Angie Irving says:

    Love your blog!

  74. Melanie says:

    Brunch is all about the mimosas!

  75. Brittney says:

    Barkdale’s biscuits

  76. Mavrick says:

    Staks Pancake Kitchen!

  77. Amber says:

    Right now we are at City East Bagel on Poplar having omelettes and stuffed French toast

  78. Brooke says:

    My favorite breakfast food is French toast sticks, pancakes, & sausage! Lol not all at the same time though…

  79. Angelica says:

    I’ll devour anything at Arcade restaurant!! The biscuits & gravy are to die for & so are the redneck eggs!

  80. Kevin Yancy says:

    Great Post! Too many favs to name but my Wife always appreciates a good Brunch so if I get the nod, I’ll be King for a day. Thanks. Keep up the awesome work Holly!

  81. Felipe Vazquez says:

    The Fireman omelette from Brother Juniper’s is the best!

  82. Justin Harrison says:

    Those breakfast/house potatoes at Brother Junipers!!!

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