Did You Like Brewery Revival? Check Out Station 3: The Memphis Firehaus

Did You Like Brewery Revival? Check Out Station 3: The Memphis Firehaus

Remember this spring's popular hang out spot at the old Tennessee Brewery, Brewery Revival? The same folks behind that event plan to create another pop-up beer garden, food truck station, and entertainment venue, and they're called it Station 3: The Memphis Firehaus.

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It will be located in the old fire station at the corner of 3rd Street (yes, that boarded up small building in the shadow of FedExForum) and will be open in October and November of this year. I can already guess this is going to be the hot spot for before, during, and after Tigers and Grizzlies games.

The building opened as a fire station in the 1800s before being a night club and a recording studio. Opening night will be October 1, and beer proceeds that night will go towards a Memphis firefighter who suffers from leukemia and must travel to St. Louis each week for treatment.

I've always wondered why there's an abandoned building nestled in between all these modern buildings, and I suppose the Untapped/Revival model worked so well that the owners and partners are doing it again. Maybe a few more of the places on our list of buildings that should get the Untapped treatment will get this same thing soon.

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The Memphis Firehaus will have four special-edition brews (from High Cotton, Ghost River, Tennessee Brew Works, and Memphis Made) plus the same kinds of food trucks and live music. They plan to be open Thursdays through Sundays, plus game days and for special events.

For more updates, follow Station 3 on Facebook and Twitter at @station3haus.

Go there:

Station 3: The Memphis Firehaus
October 1 - November 30, 2015


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