The Next Chapter Of I Love Memphis

I have big news. 

Writing the I Love Memphis Blog, sharing the best of our city, meeting so many of y’all over the years, and helping visitors discover Memphis—it’s been the most meaningful and rewarding experience of my life. 

That’s why, after 9-and-a-half years, it’s bittersweet to announce that next Friday I’ll log into I Love Memphis for the last time. I’m not leaving Memphis, though! I have the amazing opportunity to join the team at The Daily Memphian as their Digital Director. 

I'm so excited to join their staff of incredible journalists and editors, where I’ll continue to share what makes Memphis such a unique and inspiring city to live in. Their commitment to the city and in-depth journalism make The Daily Memphian the perfect place to start my next chapter.

woman in a black and white dress smiling with her hand on her hip

Photo by Mike Kerr for The Daily Memphian 

What’s next for I Love Memphis

The blog will continue and isn’t going anywhere. All of the great blog posts, photos and social  shares will continue. The team will carry on the original vision for I Love Memphis and I’m personally excited to see their new ideas, fresh takes and how they grow the blog. I know you'll show them grace, patience, and encouragement during this transition. 

Moving forward, the I Love Memphis Blog will have a variety of voices producing content, led by Jalyn Souchek as Content Director, along with Digital Marketing Manager Alex Shansky and Content Creator Tyra Johnson. Our ILM Blog contributors will also provide fresh and innovative content that keeps this space updated and informative, to you, our loyal audience.  

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How we got here

The goal of the I Love Memphis Blog all along has been to be a resource that provides relevant content and information. Since 2009, the I Love Memphis Blog has shared a local’s perspective on things to do, food, music, culture, arts, and events in our city. 

I’m not the first person to lead this blog, and won’t be the last to celebrate the best of Memphis each and every day of the year. Back when I started this incredible journey 2013, I had no clue how I Love Memphis would change my life. I’ve written thousands of articles, reached millions of readers, and sent way too many Tweets. 


I have endless memories and way, way too many people to thank, but for now, thank you to the team of dedicated I Love Memphis Blog contributors, they will continue the incredible work they’ve been doing to showcase the city we all love.

Thank you to all the local business and proud Memphians that have shared your time with the I Love Memphis Blog. Also, thank you to all my friends and coworkers who had endless patience for photos, went to things with me, helped with photos and served as models. Y’all are the very best.

Final thoughts

Now for the biggest thank-you of all: you. I wish I could thank each of you individually—everyone who read a story, shared a post, asked (and answered) questions, offered suggestions, took the time for an interview, or hit that subscribe button. 

I get emotional when I think more about how kind, generous, and enthusiastic you all are about our city! Y’all are the ones who make our city outstanding and without you, I Love Memphis wouldn’t be the special community that it is today. Thank you for everything. I would love to stay in touch as I start my next chapter. You can follow me here and here.

I’ve always thought of the I in I Love Memphis as a “collective” I—it’s never been about only my personal love for Memphis or about me, but about the love we all share for our city. It’s been a joy to see Memphis grow and evolve in brilliant ways over the years, and I know there are even brighter days ahead. Let’s love every minute of it!

About the Author

I’m Holly Whitfield! I'm the editor of the I Love Memphis Blog. I love Memphis with a passion, and I'm determined to share that love with the world. 

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Good luck to you with your new position! Thanks for the blog, it’s been a pleasure to read!

January 6, 2023 10:43pm
John Carroll

Well done Holly!  Thank you for all the years of good and passionate work. 

January 7, 2023 5:39pm
Nancy Wiley

Congrats! Been with you since day 1 and have experienced so much more of our city thanks to everything you and your staff have done.  We love the Daily Memphian too so we will be still following both! 

January 7, 2023 7:07pm