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Posted by Holly Whitfield | April 15th 2010 2436 0

Tsunami is located in Cooper Young, a Midtown neighborhood and restaurant district. It’s an intersection of international delights – within two blocks, you can eat Mexican, Irish, Korean, French, Chinese, low country, and soul food.

Tsunami serves Pacific Rim cuisine, which means that the menu contains lot of seafood and Asian-inspired dishes. Every night, there’s a rotating list of “small plates”, which are slightly smaller meals that are less expensive than regular entrees. Don’t be fooled by the name, though – the small plates will easily fill you up.

I had the pan-seared salmon with a Portobello mushroom and bleu cheese.

Seared salmon small plate, Tsunami, Memphis, Tenn.

Seared salmon small plate, Tsunami, Memphis, Tenn.

The salmon was perfect in its simplicity – the only seasoning was some sea salt. The grilled mushroom was fresh and juicy, and though I can’t tell you what was in it, that sauce was amazing. Last night, there was also a menu of small side items, all less than $6. You can’t go wrong with the bacon-wrapped dates or Asian nachos.


Check out this post about Tsunami’s new happy hour specials and renovations.

For a dessert idea, try Tsunami’s famed ginger donuts with some coconut gelato.

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928 South Cooper Street
Memphis, TN 38104
(901) 274-2556

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