Eat This: Ginger Donuts from Tsunami

Posted by Holly Whitfield | June 6th 2013 1500 0

When someone told me that Tsunami had ginger donuts on their dessert menu, I got all excited imagining a spicier version of, well, a Gibson’s donut.

I was a little surprised (but pleased) when I ordered them last night and got these:

The three donuts were more like beingets than regular donuts, which is a good thing. They’re deep fried and served hot, which gives the outside a crispy shell and the inside a gooey, cake-y quality. Their ginger taste was more of a suggestion than a major theme, which makes them a little more approachable (apparently, not everyone likes a strong, spicy ginger flavor).

And bonus – they come topped with a little scoop of coconut sorbet. I recommend cutting the donuts into bite-sized pieces and topping the bites with the sorbet.

Go there:

Ginger donuts with coconut sorbet – $8


928 South Cooper Street
Memphis, TN 38104
(901) 274-2556

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