Edible Memphis Championsip: Where To Get Mocktails In Memphis

Looking for alcohol-free cocktails and drinks? Here's where to get mocktails in Memphis.

Championsip January 2022

Before we get to the list, let me tell y'all about this mocktail competition.

No one needs a reason not to drink, and no one needs a reason to want a delicious alcohol free beverage—but if you're doing Dry January, don't imbibe, or want to try something new, Championsip Mocktails competition is for you.

Our friends at Edible Memphis and Spirited AF will host the competition at local bars this January! There are 3 ways restaurants can win: they get tagged on Instagram, you vote for them, or judges pick their mocktail.

Here's how to participate: 

1. Go To The Bars

Head to the 16 different local bars and restaurants and try their special Championsip mocktail. There's a list under the photo below. 

2. Post a photo online. 

Post a photo of your beautiful, delicious mocktail to Instagram and be sure to tag @ediblememphis. Here is an example. They'll enter you to win a $100 gift card to the participating restaurant of your choice. 

3. Vote!

Follow @ediblememphis online and vote through their Instagram Stories. They'll publish a bracket on January 12, and will have voting every day online January 17-31. Check here for more details.

(You can be an official judge if you taste and post about all 16!)

Where To Get Mocktails In Memphis

Here are the sixteen participating restaurants in January's Championsip Memphis mocktail competition. Read more about each restaurant and each cocktail special (including a photo) on the Edible Memphis site.

**After the competition we'll add to this list. Anywhere in Memphis you can get a great alcohol-free drink or mocktail—so leave your suggestions in the comments!**

Girl pouring purple mocktail wearing mask
Haze Photography + Media / Edible Memphis

Memphis Restaurants Need Our Help This January

Why do a mocktail competition? Editor of Edible Memphis Stacey Greenberg says it just makes sense.

"January is a really rough month for restaurants— even without the C word—so we wanted to do something fun, and different. Cocktails just didn’t seem right for January when we are all trying to do better (whatever that looks like). Mocktails are guilt free and you can do a mocktail crawl without a DD or an Uber!"

If you're not familiar with Edible Memphis, you need to check it out. They go way in-depth on Memphis food, restaurants, and culture. They hosted a similar competition with iced coffee last July that you can check out here. They've added the element of public judges this time, too! 

"I’m excited about letting people who try all 16 vote," Stacey says. When we did the iced coffee competition in July, I had a bunch of people who outed themselves as coffee connoisseurs, so I am hoping for the same this time."

More things to remember: 

Restaurants can win 3 ways: 

  1. Being tagged the most times on Instagram (tag the restaurant and @ediblememphis)
  2. Being picked by judges
  3. Being voted on through the brackets on Edible Memphis' IG Stories—you'll be able to vote everyday January 17-31. 

Readers are entered into a $100 drawing every time they tag a picture with
@ediblememphis. Readers who try all 16 can vote as a judge.

Cheers and happy sipping!

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