Weekend Kinfolk Pop-Ups at Comeback Coffee

Kinfolk breakfast food pop-ups have returned! They’ll be slinging biscuits every Saturday and Sunday for the next several weeks in The Pinch District downtown. 

Kinfolk used to be in the Puck Food Hall / 409 S. Main situation and gained a following for people who love their gourmet biscuits. I stopped by last Saturday to check it out. 

Comeback Coffee

If you haven’t been to Comeback Coffee by the Pyramid, you’re missing out. It’s a comfortable, pretty spot for getting some work done, having a meeting, or hanging out in the courtyard on a nice day. I love their one-person tables, community table, and couch seating options. 

My friend got an “Up In Smoke” latte ($4.75) and I got an iced pear cider ($4) due to caffeine concerns. The friendly barista did offer to make their lattes with a single espresso shot rather than the standard double shot, so take keep that in mind fellow elderly people. Both were excellent. The cider (non-alcoholic) tasted like refreshing Christmas. 

The Up In Smoke—I stole a few sips—is an almond-infused delight, one of the best coffee drinks I’ve tasted. Comeback is known for their coffee sodas, too if you want some cold. This will be great come warmer weather on the aforementioned courtyard.

rice bowl chips comic book at Flip Side
Leah Gafni
coffee latte
Holly Whitfield

Kinfolk Biscuits

It’s hard to resist a fried chicken biscuit even when it’s $12 and even when there are nine other very tempting biscuit options—so my friend and I each ordered one.

These biscuits are a fork-and-knife situation, as the chicken breasts were very thick and the square biscuits were very crumbly. The chicken isn’t breaded like your traditional fried chicken biscuits, but had a good crisp to it and a heavy coating of the sticky hot honey sauce. Overall, solid flavors, messy, but satisfying.

kinfolk menu
Holly Whitfield

The Green Goddess-esque “sauce vert” was outstanding. We also got a side of hash-brown(s) ($2) which was everyone’s favorite formed potato patty a la Mickie D’s, with some extra seasonings. 

Kinfolk + Comeback is a bit of a splurge for a breakfast, with our two drinks, two biscuits, and two hashbrowns plus tax and a tip coming out to $49. 

kinfolk biscuit
Holly Whitfield

Comeback is open Tuesday - Saturday 8 a.m. - 3 p.m. and Sunday 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. Kinfolk will pop up there from open until they sell out. I would highly recommend going early; it was packed at 8:15 a.m. Follow @kinfolkmemphis and @comeback.coffee on Instagram for the latest updates.

Go There: 

Comeback Coffee

358 N. Main Street
Memphis, Tenn.

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