What To Know About Memphis' New Topgolf

Topgolf is finally opening in Memphis and we’re taking you inside to help plan your first visit.

Remember all those years of rumors and speculation about when, if, and where we'd get a Topgolf? The day has finally come. Topgolf is open in Memphis.

Here’s everything you need to know from experience to prices.

exterior of Topgolf building
Jalyn Souchek
interior bar area of Topgolf
Jalyn Souchek
Sports bar area of Topgolf

The new Topgolf is located at 3450 S Germantown Rd. Walking into the new building was also my first time ever walking into a Topgolf so I’m unable to offer a comparison point of view. My first impression was that it’s incredibly nice with a state-of-the-art feel.

The space is set up as two floors of 70+ hitting bays. Each has its own bar table and chairs and TV to watch any sport channel you’d like. There are two sports bar areas, a rooftop area, and patio. I’ll spread out photos of the space within this blog to see but honestly – a great spot to watch a game even without taking any swings.

sports bar area of topgolf
Jalyn Souchek
upstairs bar overlooking downstairs bar
Jalyn Souchek
Upstairs bar area with overlook


I really thought it was going to be easier to swing and hit a ball but I was wrong. Very wrong. Topgolf comes with a learning curve for the most beginners of golf – like myself. Be prepared if you’re someone who naturally gets too competitive. Me, it’s me.

Good news is there are many games to choose from and one of the easiest ways is to play it as its most traditional self--try and hit the balls into the big targets. There’s also an Angry Birds game that you can play that our hostess said she thought personally was the easiest. 

In total, there are 15 games to choose from including virtual courses. Depending on the choice of game, you can switch players after every swing or take multiple in a row before moving it along.

upstairs bar at topgolf
Jalyn Souchek
Upstairs Bar Area
guy swings club at topgolf
Jalyn Souchek
side angle showing multiple hitting bays
Jalyn Souchek


Playing Topgolf can be a little costly but there are ways to enjoy it without breaking the bank. It all depends on the time you play and how many people are in your group. Play per bay is by the hour and bay. The cost isn’t individual and splits as a group. Up to six players can play at one bay.

The cost is broken down per day to three different time periods: Open to 12 p.m., 12 p.m. to 3 p.m., and 3 p.m. to close. The earlier the time equals the most affordable options. Find all the prices according to the date and time here.

Tuesdays are going to be your best friend for affordability. All game play is half price every Tuesday breaking down to $15, $20, and $26 per hour.

people sitting at bar table watching guy play topgolf
Jalyn Souchek

If you want to hit some balls solo in the mornings, they have unlimited play for $15 per person Monday through Friday. This lasts each day until noon. 

It’s important to know that there is a one-time member fee for all new players that costs $5. You can also book your bay in advance. You may be required to pay in-advance during hours of high demand. I’d recommend booking in advance for the first months -- especially if you are considering going a weekend night.

golfbag style cup with margarita
Jalyn Souchek
Golfbag cocktail mug


Each hitting bay comes with a server to take care of you. It’s not necessarily super cheap but the prices were lower than I expected them to be. Respect to Topgolf for uploading a menu that shows the prices.

Draft beers range from $6 to $8 for a pint and $21 to $29 for a pitcher. My one surprise of the day was that while you can order a bucket of mix-and-match beer–there is no beer bucket deal. It’s all the same price as an individual bottle.

beer menu shot
Jalyn Souchek

Cocktails range from $10-$15. Need a little caffeinated buzz for your golf outing? An espresso martini is $12. The priciest drink is a boozy cherry limeade or blue coconut marg that is served in a take-home “golfbag” mug for $23. It’s a large drink meant to be for two or more people.

I tried the blue coconut marg and it wasn’t bad! It wasn’t overly sweet – in a good way.

I didn’t try any of the food but they have traditional sports bar items: nachos, flatbreads, wings, burgers, etc. A basket of traditional wings costs $13 or a grilled chicken sandwich is $11.75 for price examples.

hitting bay at top golf
Jalyn Souchek
Hitting Bay


Topgolf Memphis
3450 S Germantown Rd
Memphis, TN

Mon-Thurs: 10 a.m. - 11 p.m.
Friday: 10 a.m. - 12 a.m.
Saturday: 9 a.m. - 12 a.m.
Sunday: 9 a.m. - 11 p.m.


table set up at hitting bay
Jalyn Souchek
clubs holder at topgolf
Jalyn Souchek
Use their clubs or bring your own
Don’t miss out on all the Memphis goodness!

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