2024 Time Warp Drive-In Movies Schedule

The 2024 schedule for the Time Warp Drive-In is here and it packs all the nostalgia and frights into each monthly event.

The monthly all-night movie marathons range from cult classics, horror, and all kinds of crazy film.

UPDATE: February's Time Warp has been postponed due to winter operating hours at the drive-in.

time warp event graphic
Time Warp / Holter Monster

Not many cities can boat like Memphis that we still have a thriving drive-in movie theater, the Malco Summer Drive-In, where the Time Warp Drive-In series is held each month.

Every month has a different theme like Bizarre Odyessey (The complete journey of Bill & Ted), classic Martin Scorsese films, surreal fantasy, horror film musicals, David Fincher and Stephen King nights, and more.

The Time Warp Drive-In is one of my favorite things to do in town. It’s completely unique and very Memphis. Shoutout to Black Lodge and Guerilla Monster Films for curating the movie nights and Malco for hosting. My pro-tip is to swing by Elwood's Shack for some BBQ pizza or quesadilla to bring in and eat while watching.

More things to know:

  • It’s $25 per car, which includes all the movies for each night.
  • It starts at sundown and goes until whenever the movies are done.
  • Local artist Holtermonster makes awesome posters for the movie nights.
  • Parents need to look up the movies and decide if they want to bring their kids or not.

Here’s the 2024 Memphis Time-Warp Drive In Schedule:

schedule of time warp movies
Holter Monster


Malco Summer Quartet Drive-In

5320 Summer Avenue
Memphis, Tenn. 38122

The Drive-In shows “regular” movies, too. See the schedule.

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Since the drive in is opening up again May 15th, does that mean that the Time Warp originally scheduled for May 16th is a go????
May 13, 2020 10:06am
Holly Whitfield
Hi Pattye! Here is Malco's response to a similar question on their FB page: "At this time, all alternative content and special programming is tentatively on hold, but will return soon. Look for updates here!" (By "here" I believe they mean their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/malcotheatres/
May 13, 2020 4:19pm