Tiger & Peacock Rooftop Bar In Overton Square

Overton Square’s new hotel, The Memphian, has been teasing their shiny new Memphis rooftop bar and lounge to the Instagram faithful for a while now—but they’re officially open to the general public. 

About Tiger & Peacock at the Memphian Hotel

The Memphian Hotel is in the middle of Overton Square in midtown Memphis. It’s a boutique hotel with 106 rooms including nine suites. Their downstairs restaurant “The Complicated Pilgrim” is open for dinner only or for pre-booked special events for lunch and brunch.

Tiger & Peacock is on the top floor of The Memphian. It is open starting at 5 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday and is 21 and up only. It does have a dress code (see below for details) and reservations are recommended via OpenTable. 

white hotel building looking up with The Memphian sign
Holly Whitfield
eclectic colorful lounge style dining room
Holly Whitfield

It’s hard not to focus on the decor. Inside, the look is more eccentric than eclectic…like Wes Anderson and Jungalow design aesthetic had a baby. It’s colorful and it’s a lot going on. There is no Live, Laugh, Love here. There is a giraffe wearing a feather necklace holding a chandelier in its mouth. The outside seating area is relatively chill, if you consider striped furniture and a neon sign to be chill. 

Tiger & Peacock Hours: 

Wednesday: 5 p.m. - 11 p.m.
Thursday: 5 p.m. - 11 p.m.
Friday: 5 p.m. - midnight
Saturday: 5 p.m. - midnight

Closed Monday and Tuesday. Subject to change—always call ahead!

pink lit lounge room with disco ball and seating
Holly Whitfield
green sofa restaurant booth with giraffe sculpture
Holly Whitfield

Reservations at Tiger and Peacock are not required, but preferred—you can make them on OpenTable. The outside seating area, with a view of Cooper Street, the top of Lafayette’s, Ballet Memphis, and neighborhoods, has 30 seats. There’s also a hot pink champagne room with a glittering disco ball that requires pre-booking. You'll want to call for that one

striped outdoor seats surrounded by shrubs on. rooftop
Holly Whitfield
view of Overton Square, including Ballet Memphis and the Cooper and Madison intersection, from the rooftop
Alex Shansky

Tiger & Peacock is unlike most Memphis bars, but it has a lot in common with trendy and rooftop bars in other cities. There’s a dress code, a $25 per person minimum spend, and you’ll need to plan ahead with reservations via OpenTable

The dress code is: 

“Upscale casual. Dress to impress. Men are not allowed to wear baseball caps or beanies and must have on a collared shirt or blazer. All genders no athletic apparel (tank tops, spandex, or sweatpants). Undergarments should not be exposed.”

The vibe is already a hit with the influencers who’ve stayed or stopped in before the public opening this week. If you’re looking for that kind of experience, you’ll love The Memphian and Tiger & Peacock.

How To Get To Tiger & Peacock Rooftop Bar In Memphis

You can park in the Overton Square garage. It’s still $3 flat fee. Be a pro and download the ParkMobile app instead of waiting in line for the kiosk. It’s worth the two minutes to set up your payment info and car tag and you can use it in lots of parking spots around the country.

After parking, go in the hotel’s lobby (check out their local products shop, too) and head to the elevators. They’ll have hosts downstairs and one right when you get off the elevator at the top.

upscale cocktail bar with plush tall chairs
framed portrait of a man with a feathery half mask

Tiger & Peacock Food & Drink Menu

I’ll report back as soon as I can on food, but the food menu is small plates—think of Tiger & Peacock more as a pre-dinner and appetizers or after-dinner drink and snacks that a full dinner menu. 

Here’s the spirits menu (left) and the food menu (right) subject to change:

photo of a liquor and food menu

Here’s the drink menu, also subject to change:

photo of a menu

These signature cocktails are $15-ish and up. They're named for the zodiac signs, reflecting the zodiac-inspired night sky mural on the bar's ceiling. I like that they have mocktail options, too, right there on the menu.

I tried the Aries with vodka, fresh strawberries, fresh basil and Prosecco, which was refreshing and beautiful. 

refreshing pink strawberry cocktail in globe glass sitting on a black marble bar
Holly Whitfield

PSA: Overton Square Is A Performing Arts District

While I hopefully still have your attention, I want to shout out the incredible local performing arts organizations and venues in Overton Square in Memphis. It’s fun to have fancy bars and brunch and a new hotel, but us locals may be missing out on the amazing dance, theater, musicals, and opera we have right at our fingertips. Lafayette’s has live music nearly every night, too.

Here’s the quick list of places in Overton Square to see wonderful shows from professional performers in Memphis. Click on the link for the upcoming show schedule.

More Overton Square Area Updates

While we are here…

  • LBOE is now a T.J. Mulligan’s. Same owners. Some same menu items and LBOE specials. 
  • Restaurant Iris is moving to Laurelwood Shopping Center in the former Grove Grill location with a reopening later this year. 
  • The Iris location will become “Panta”, a Spanish-inspired tapas and gin ’n’ tonics spot. 
  • Second Line is staying the same.
  • Bari has moved up the street to the former Midtown Yoga building, near Slider Inn. Read more. 
  • What do y’all want to see in the old Hopdoddy and Bari locations? Someone should bring back Yosemite Sam’s in there, I’d pay to see it.
neon sign on a white wall at the rooftop bar with striped chairs
Holly Whitfield
Go There: 

Tiger & Peacock 
Memphian Hotel
21 Cooper Street
Memphis, Tennessee 38104



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Looks awesome! Can’t wait to try it out

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