Immerse Yourself into The Genre's Speakeasy Cocktail Experience

We are on the air at the Genre Memphis, your “musical timeline passport,” and we are soaring through time with multi-genre music and a good ole’ meal.

But this transit doesn’t stop with eras, if you take a couple of steps out of the Genre, you will find yourself at their adjacent speakeasy, The Garage: The Cocktail Experience.

The Genre Memphis
Carmen Monet

The Genre is a Musical Passport

You know the saying, “every dream begins in the garage,” well that’s no different here as twin-brothers, Lernard and Bernard Chambers, took their dreams of becoming restaurant owners and made it into a reality.

“The Genre is a musical passport, that’s our slogan. I made sure we had good food, good customer service, high-end collection of cocktails, and we customized the hookah to where it's probably one of the best hookahs you can smoke in Memphis,” said Chef/Owner Lernard Chambers.

The Genre Memphis The Garage
Carmen Monet
The Genre The Garage
Carmen Monet

Make Culturalist Events Genrefied

Before they were restaurant owners, they were once DJs LNB, and their love for music and understanding of how to please the crowd allotted them with the knowledge of how to make sure everyone hears at least one song they know at their restaurant.

“If you ever get stuck in a culturalist event and you are like dang, what can I play that everyone knows? It's Biggie, Tupac, or Bob Marley. I always wanted to make it genrefied. So when you’re sitting down eating you hear all types of music from: Michael Jackson to Stevie Wonder to Ed Sheeran, a little bit of everything,” said Lernard.

The Genre record wall
Carmen Monet

Two Completely Different Experiences Under One Roof

Originally, they wanted to expand their business outside of their current location, but things have a funny way of working themselves out. With the Genre and the Garage, they have curated two completely different experiences under one roof.

In short, you have the musical passport upfront and high-end cocktail experience in the Garage.

“People love the food, love the culture, and love the vibes,” said Lernard Chambers.

So be sure to stop by The Genre and The Garage: The Cocktail Experience, at 200 Poplar Ave, Suite 205.

In addition to the good drinks, music, and vibe -- Genre offers great food and brunch! Be sure to try their southwest egg rolls and catfish. Here's their menu.

inside the garage expansion of genre restaurant with long tables, bar and more
Carmen Monèt


Genre Memphis
200 Poplar Ave Suite 105


Mon: 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Tue: 6:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Wed - Thur: CLOSED
Fri: 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM, 6:00 PM - 1:00am
Sat: 11:00Am - 3:00PM, 6:00 PM - 1:00am
Sun: 12:00 PM - 6:00 PM


front entrance of genre restaurant
Carmen Monèt

About the Author

Hi, Hii. I’m Carmen Monèt and I am a free-lance journalist from Memphis, TN. I’ve always had a love for storytelling and actually I used to say that I was providing a voice for the “voiceless;” but as I’ve grown as a writer I’m learning that we’ve always had a voice, we just didn’t have the platform to express ourselves.

So I listen a lot, but I also get to connect with people so much. My daughter Cabella is the best part of my entire life, and she has pushed me to actually follow my dreams of becoming a real writer. I hope that people are able to really feel the passion and vulnerability that I infuse in my writing, and be teleported into the story.

Build your perfect Memphis meal:

If I could build my version of the “perfect” meal in Memphis, we’d have to take a drive around the city and make a few stops. I’m a certified taco lover, and currently TacosNGanas has been my go-to for some good shrimp tacos. Once we leave there, let's slide over to Slider Inn, and order the “Mix & Match,” granted we’re doing more matching than mixing, because I only ever order their fried Buffalo Chicken sliders with no pickles, ofcourse. Now our next stop has some of the best food I’ve ever tasted, but what stood out the most to me was their creamy mac & cheese, I’m a southern girl and I love me some mac & cheese. Last but not least, we’ve got to walk just a couple of doors down to Babalu for some fresh guacamole. I can  assure you that there is absolutely nothing cohesive about this picnic, but none of the flavors will disappoint you. 

Why do you love Memphis:

Memphis is just such a cultural powerhouse. This city that I love has given me so many beautiful memories. Each day I get to experience it from a different view, but in that, I still get to experience the underlying feeling of community. The people here are some of the best people in the world. There are local artists whose eyes will light up when they see you supporting them and singing along with them. There are locally-owned and operated restaurants that care about you actually being satisfied with your meal and their service. One of the things I love and think about the most is how Memphis has been able to “bounce-back” to life and actually living, after so many doors were closed forever due to COVID; but, I can’t say that I’m surprised, our perseverance is unwaivering.

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