SnoJunt is the Latest (and Cutest) Sno-Cone Spot to Open in Memphis

There is nothing like cooling off with a flavorful sno-cone on one of those hot Memphis summer days we know so well. While we’re in the middle of yet another hot week, it’s a good time to check this newest spot off your list.

two snow cones in blue and pink with edible glitter
Jalyn Souchek

SnoJunt has possibly the most picturesque snow cones in the city with the mix of colors and (edible) glitter toppings. The man behind the sno-cones is Justin Lay. He opened this passion project in addition to his full-time job as a teacher and coach. Busy guy!

This new spot is run out of a mobile food trailer and is about as Memphis as you can get. Not just in its SnoJunt name. The logo plays on our beloved Bass Pro Pyramid, portraying a pyramid with an ice cap.

“When I started SnoJunt, I wanted it to be as unique as Memphis, have what I felt was the absolute best quality ingredients, and fit what I considered to be the best style,” said Lay. “...I love Memphis and I want my brand to represent my home, give Memphis vibes, bring back fond memories of the city I love, and be something that everyone can say is Memphis.

exterior of blue trailer snojunt
Jalyn Souchek

The lineup of sno-cones names all touch Memphis themes with the exception of the days you may catch him doing a special themed day such as a Taylor Swift pop-up or his favorite -- the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Otherwise, you can expect to see specials like Prince Mango, The Liberty Land Float, and our absolute favorite – Coach Cal Sucks! which not only is a sentiment that many a Memphian may still feel but it also is a callback to that infamous sno-cone story. We’ve all heard it, right?

“One of my favorite things is to see someone's reaction the 1st time they see my specials menu,” said Lay. “You can tell if they are from Memphis because their faces light up.”

chalk board with sno-cone flavors written on it
Jalyn Souchek

Memphis is no stranger to good sno-cone spots and Lay knows he’s in good company. Beyond the Memphis themes and glitter, he said his goal is to use the softest ice available and flavorable syrups.

For first timers, Lay recommends a classic Tiger’s Blood with the added homemade style ice cream and a little “Tiger’s milk." Tiger’s milk = condensed milk mixed in.

We ordered the Coach Cal Sucks (come on, how could we not?) and the BB Kingcake. Both were so good. Coach Cal Sucks is blue coconut with Tiger’s Blood and Tiger’s Milk. BB Kingcake is self-explanatory and comes with a special surprise.

SnoJunt doesn’t have a specific place they’re always at. Instead, he pops up around town and special events. The best way to find him is to keep a close eye on his Facebook page. It is well worth the hunt.

If you want to take your next event up a notch, Lay also creates custom specials for events. 

sno cones held up with trailer in background
Jalyn Souchek


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