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The act of practicing self-care is nothing new, but finding spaces where you can go to explore and dive deeper into true wellness and holistic services (because it’s about more than just a bubble bath or face mask) is needed more than ever. Lucyja Hygge is here to help you on that journey. Open since August 2021, Lucyja Hygge is a metaphysical gift store owned by Termaria "Maria" Tyszka; the name pays homage to Maria’s Polish mother in law (Lucyja), and the concept of Hygge – pronounced (hoo-gah)- a Danish word for creating a feeling of coziness, comfort, and well-being.

Located in Midtown near Overton Square (sort of behind the Union-McLean Starbucks) you can feel the positive energy radiating throughout the store the moment that you walk in. If Maria’s husband Krzysztof is present, he will warmly welcome you into the store, offering a piece of chocolate while also sharing details about his mom, the concept behind the store and their future plans for the space.

The first time I visited, my niece and I were there for well over an hour, learning about all of the different products in the store and just chatting in general about holistic health. They offer a mix of crystals, incense, candles, European teas and treats, herbs, singing bowls and more. You can also experience Tarot Readings and a Crystal Bowl Chakra Meditation with Maria as well. I chatted briefly with Maria to learn a little more about how it came to be, her background, and what’s in their future.

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Why Midtown/Cooper Young for your location?

I wanted to be in the heart of Midtown because Midtown has this vibe that welcomes all walks of life. Midtown has a hippie, spiritual, flair that we simply cannot deny. The old house behind the Starbucks was simply perfect. 

What do you feel makes Lucyja Hygge different from other holistic/wellness stores?

Lucyja stands apart because we wanted an atmosphere that everyone feels comfortable in, no matter the age or where they are in their journey (spiritual, emotional, physical). The setting is intentional. We are excited that the new generation has shown interest in the items that we carry. From natural organic soaps to crystal stones; many frequent our herb department as well. It's nice to see that our younger generation are taking time to care for themselves physically, spiritually and emotionally. I also love that they are comfortable with asking our staff questions and love the interaction that our staff provides throughout their visit at Lucyja Hygge. 

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What’s your favorite part about owning this business?

My favorite part about owning the business is when customers state that they can feel the love and peace the moment they step on the patio! 

How can people shop with you/keep up with what’s happening with the store?

Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and our website. We love seeing our customers in the shop because we want them to have the full experience. For those that cannot stop in physically, we plan to have a few of our items available via our website

Their staff is friendly and quite knowledgeable, so whether you’re interested in picking up some new herbs for a natural remedy, or you’re there for a Crystal Bowl Chakra Meditation (Maria leads this and it’s an amazing experience), you just feel really welcomed there. Their mission is to help every person create Hygge in their lives, and they truly help you with that. 

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Lucyja Hygge

48 S. Mclean Blvd
Memphis, TN 38104

Sunday-Monday 12pm-6pm
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday- Saturday 12pm-8pm


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Termaria Tyszka

Thank You! This is such a beautiful article! 

You are awesome! 

January 10, 2022 7:08pm
Dru Reynolds

Loving This “Happy Place!!!” Such a Tranquil and Wonderful Escape from the Everyday Hustle and Bustle.

January 11, 2022 6:28am