Take a Walk Through A Forest of Blue Trees and Listen to the Tones of Nature

Even the trees bleed blue. Memphis’ newest two-part immersive public art installation is here! Shelby Canopy: Our Shared Connection along the Wolf River Greenway runs now til April 19, 2024.

Blue Trees: Shelby Canopy
Tyra Johnson
"The Blue Trees"

100 Trees To Address Deforestation

If you’ve been walking or biking along the Wolf River Greenway trail, you may have seen quite a few vibrant ultramarine blue trees pop up. “The Blue Trees” environmental art installation by international artist, Konstantin Dimopoulos, showcases the importance of trees in our environment. The approximately 100 trees symbolize the need to address and cease global deforestation. Even though it’s hard to ignore bright blue trees alongside typical colors of nature, you absolutely can not see the trees from street view. It invites you to get out and engage, admire, reflect, and experience nature. 


The Blue Trees: Shelby Canopy
Tyra Johnson
"The Blue Trees"

Eco-Friendly, Biologically Safe, and Non-Hazardous Pigment

I think the most interesting part of this installation is the blue pigment used on the trees. It starts off very watery, but when bonded to the trees (with a paint brush and roller), turns into a chalk-like consistency. After several months, as the trees are subject to the everchanging weather, the pigment will fade and completely wash away. The whole process is extremely eco-friendly, biologically safe, and non-hazardous.

the blue trees: shelby canopy pigment
Tyra Johnson
"The Blue Trees" artist Konstantin Dimopoulos
Tyra Johnson
"The Blue Trees" Artist Konstantin Dimopoulos

Immerse Yourself into the "Tree Tones"

Depending on which side of the trail you start from, “The Blue Trees” or “Tree Tones” installations will greet you. “Tree Tones,” the auditory piece of the installation by local artists Belleau + Churchill, features various wind chimes to represent the species of trees along the Wolf River Greenway. Each tone symbolizes the role that specific tree plays in nature. 

“Each piece of artwork featured in this project strives to link us to the earth, our place within it, creating an opportunity, through art, to discuss community wellbeing under the shade of our silent and oftentimes overlooked benefactors, the trees,” said Cat Peña, Germantown Public Art and Design Manager.

Tree Tones: Shelby Canopy
Tyra Johnson
"Tree Tones"

Now How Do You Get There?

The two installations are located at the Wolf River Greenway Germantown Western Trailhead (7014 Wolf River Blvd.) I parked in the smaller lot before you get to Riverdale Road if you’re traveling east. There will be plenty of signage directing you to the correct spot once you start the trail. 

Get out and enjoy nature, y’all!

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