Check Out The Growing Street Art in The Edge District

Riding down the streets of Memphis’ Edge District has gotten way more colorful thanks to Paint Memphis, the annual festival that produces the largest collaborative mural in Tennessee.

Paint Memphis mural street art
Tyra Johnson

About Paint Memphis

The one-day festival brings 100 talented artists from all over the world to and throughout the streets of Memphis. The locations of all the murals live in The Edge District, in The Ravine, and a few spots nearby. A few days prior to the big event, you could see frameworks of the murals form on sides of once bland buildings. But don’t be fooled, good things take time! Muralists have the week to complete their masterpiece. The Paint Memphis festival builds hype, awareness, and appreciation for the growing street art.

Paint Memphis mural street art/ artists still painting
Tyra Johnson

Just a Recap

If you missed this year's festival, don’t worry, there's always next year. Plus, the organization puts on art events/workshops throughout the year. But just to recap for 2023, The Ravine was filled with art enthusiasts enjoying live music, art vendors, food trucks, live painting and lots more fun. 


The Bar-Kays Paint Memphis Mural Street Art
Tyra Johnson

Check Out Where Each Mural is Located

The locations of all the murals live in The Edge District, in The Ravine, and a few spots nearby. Take a look at this map that shows you where each artist’s mural is exactly located. Swipe to the very last slide for the map. This would be a cool scavenger hunt idea!



Paint Memphis murals street Art
Tyra Johnson

Fuel Paint Memphis' Mission

These artists are volunteers who offer their time and talent to fuel the mission of Paint Memphis. If you or someone you know is interested in art, the next call for artists is May 2024. In the meantime, donating to the non-profit organization provides artists with necessary equipment needed to create public art in Memphis.

Paint Memphis mural street art | man spray painting
Tyra Johnson

Follow Paint Memphis' socials for more information:


Paint Memphis mural street art
Tyra Johnson

About the Author

Hey there! I’m Tyra Johnson, writer and content creator for the I Love Memphis Blog. I'm a Memphis native and after a few years away, I'm back home. I love art, good eats, and live music. Join me in reclaiming my passion for Memphis, mane.

Why do you love Memphis:

Memphis has so much personality-- the people, food, music-- it just all feels good! We have so much to be proud of when speaking about the city. Also, I'm big on memories, and most of my core memories involve Memphis.

What's on your Memphis playlist?

Stay Fly by Three 6 Mafia. It's the PERFECT hype song!

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