Momma’s is Back Open for Business

Call your mommas because the last and first bar in Memphis is back open.

It has been two long years since Momma’s opened their doors to customers but I found from my visit, just days after reopening, that it was like no time had passed at all.

people sitting at momma's bar
Jalyn Souchek

Long-time regulars of Momma’s and The Dirty Crow Inn, the beloved spot that predated Momma’s, settled right back into their bar seats like they never left. 

Adrienne, the bartender who jokes she came with the building (she worked at Momma’s before it closed for renovations and Dirty Crow before that) was firing out people’s orders before the door shut behind them to come outside.

Diners on this Monday afternoon had already made multiple trips back since it opened just the Thursday night before. That’s a testament to how much people love this space.

For those who haven't visited before, Momma's refers to themselves as a the last and first bar in Memphis. That isn't based on when they opened but rather that they're literally the last and first bar whether you're coming to or from Memphis on the old bridge on HWY 55. Momma's also boasts that it's the only "trucker-themed bar in America." 

belt buckles and old CB Radios decorations at bar
large indoor and outdoor patio
Jalyn Souchek

While it’s like no time has passed with customers, the renovations tell a different story. Don’t get me wrong, it still has that relaxed, roadside bar vibe everyone has come to love but with improvements.

To start, the patio expansion alone may earn a ranking as one of the best in the city. It’s huge with custom built tables and seating spilling outside the massive garage door that can open and close. Canopies drape over the outdoor tables providing relief from the sun.

There’s what looks like a “VIP” table that really gives me Midwestern garage vibes–I absolutely love that–and a built stage for music. When the fall hits, this will be a great spot to catch some tunes and a bite.

"vip" area with dive bar vibes -- leather couches
Jalyn Souchek
VIP area on patio
music stage built on momma's patio
Jalyn Souchek

Inside, the decor really pays tribute to the “truckstop” theme. I loved the details of big belt buckles hanging from the top of the bar and the old CB radios. The thin string lights that lined the ceiling remind me of lights passing by while driving down the road.

Momma’s is still in its soft opening phase so it hasn’t opened for breakfast yet and the lunch and dinner menu is limited. It looks like by September you can expect it to be fully loaded.

Before they closed, I was a huge fan of Momma’s fries – a different approach from the shoestring fries of Slider Inn or Bardog (two of the other restaurants under the Aldo’s umbrella). Instead, Momma’s fries are more of a crispy potato wedge and I was so happy to see they kept them the same. They tasted just as good as I remembered.

corner tables seating at momma's bar with trucker-themed decorations
Jalyn Souchek
firebird chicken sandwich with fries
Jalyn Souchek
Firebird Chicken Sandwich

I also got one of the menu staples, the Firebird chicken sandwich. The chicken was thick and crispy. You can also order it grilled but I can’t pass on a good fried chicken breast. The Momma’s Mayo that it comes topped with almost gives it a wings flavor too.

You also must order the deviled eggs which are so creamy and delicious topped with bacon. The guys sitting at the bar next to me joked about how two days prior they ordered four orders to split. I can understand why.

six deviled eggs on a plate
Jalyn Souchek
Deviled Eggs


Momma's Bar
855 Kentucky St.
Memphis, TN 38106


Changing soon but currently open: 11 a.m to midnight

several outdoor patio tables with canopies overhead
Jalyn Souchek

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