Fried Snickers, Sea Lions, New Rides and More At The Mid-South Fair

Fried Snickers, Gator Wrasslin', and More At The Mid-South Fair

The Mid-South Fair is back at the Landers Center in Southaven for 2021! The dates are September 23 - October 3.  Get your fill of classic carnival rides and Pronto Pups, then stick around for five more fun things to do.

Photo courtesy of the Mid-South Fair.

The Mid-South Fair is open daily September 23 - October 2. Hours, admission fees and more will be announced soon. This year, event organizers are touting at least 30 percent more parking for your convenience. More details will be posted here here.

Here are five things to do at the Mid-South Fair in Southaven:

1. 50 Rides, Including New Ones

The Mid-South Fair has all your classic carnival rides for thrill seekers, whether you want to be thrown into the air, hurled upside down, or spun in circles—they have you covered. This year except ten new rides include three big ones. The Skyhawk is a 100-foot tall tower, the Crazy Mouse coaster, and the Tornado which apparently lets you control your own spinning speed as they fling you through the air. Rides are subject to height restrictions. 

2.  Fried Snickers and funnel cakes

funnel cakes in a row at a fairphoto provided by Mid-South Fair

What's more American than taking delicious, processed foods and dipping them into a bubbling bucket of grease? They're frying up Snickers and 3 Musketeers candy bars, Oreo cookies, Twinkies, and all the usual funnel cake nonsense at the fair. If your arteries can take it, you ought to try it. I'm pretty sure a bald eagle cries every time you turn down a fried Twinkie.

3. Big Ol' Turkey Legs

While we're talking about food, you know what else they have at the fair? Get in touch with your inner medieval-era person and take a big bite out of a juicy turkey leg from one of the turkey leg vendors. Do it for the 'gram, if you must. Do it for Ron Swanson. Do it for yourself. It's a healthy, low-fat, protein-packed option for your Mid-South Fair midday meal.

4. Frisbee Dogs, Sea Lions, and pig races

Pups of great skill and determination catch Frisbees. Cheer for your favorites and witness the extreme athleticism and cuteness on select days.

The “Disc Connected K9s” crew will be at the Mid-South Fair to impress you with their dogs’ frisbee-catching skills. Y’all know I’m a sucker for any dog-involved sports including dock dogs, frisbee dogs, agility dogs, cute dogs sitting quietly, all of the above. There’s a sea lion show this year, too! And pig races. Lots of animals doing fun things

5. Sam Hunt

OK, so this is technically a separate event...but fans who attend the Sam Hunt concert on September 24th at the Landers Center (tickets are $40. 50) will receive free admission to the Mid-South Fair. Get your concert tickets here. 

Free Admission + Discounts At The Mid-South Fair

The Mid-South Fair usually offers free admission on certain days and times, TBA for 2021. You'll still have to pay for parking and any rides, food, or games you purchase but these free days help you save a little on the front end. 

Please double-check hours and discounts before you go on the official website. 

Go There:

Mid-South Fair 2021
September 23 - October 3

Landers Center
4560 Venture Drive
Southaven, MS 38671

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