Whatever, I’m Getting Memphis Cheese Fries: Mean Girls at the Orpheum

Mean Girls the musical is coming to the Orpheum, April 26 through May 1!

Mean Girls The Musical In Memphis

Sing along with the Plastics as this cult classic comes to life on stage. Personally I cannot wait to see one of the most quotable films of our era in Broadway form. Get your Orpheum Mean Girls musical tickets right away or we’ll be asking if you even go here.

Vote For The Best Cheese Fries In Memphis

To mark this auspicious occasion, I Love Memphis and the Orpheum Theatre are teaming up to host a Memphis Cheese Fry Contest. Vote for your favorite cheese fries in town—whichever restaurant wins the most votes has the honor of being served to the cast of Mean Girls while they’re in town. 

Voting deadline is Friday, April 22 at noon so VOTE HERE

If you’re totally lost on what cheese fries have to do with Mean Girls, it’s a quote from the movie. Just go with it!

memphis cheese fries logo

Mean Girls Broadway At The Orpheum 

Before we go any further, here are some photos to preview the show which opens Tuesday, April 26. Keep scrolling for the Burn Book of Cheese Fries.

mean girls musical memphis orpheum
Jenny Anderson
mean girl christmas
Jenny Anderson
mean girls
Jenny Anderson

Burn Book of Cheese Fries 

Here’s a list of our “Whatever, I’m Getting Memphis Cheese Fries” contenders in alphabetical order. Don’t forget to vote here before noon on Friday, April 22.

Warning: We went for classic cheese fries for this contest so try to judge based on just three elements:

  • The Potato: fry style, texture, taste
  • The Cheese: cheese style, variety,  taste 
  • The Overall Flavor: How The Fry and The Cheese work together, and overall satisfaction level

Memphis Cheese Fries

Belly Acres

Menu Description: “Hand-cut fries…with melted cheddar and Monterey jack cheese. Served with our homemade ranch.” 

Blues City Cafe

Menu Description: “Steak fries smothered with melted Monterey Jack and Cheddar cheese blend”

Brookhaven Pub

Menu Description “Golden brown and covered with white cheese sauce, bacon, jalapeños” 

Chef Tam’s

Menu Description “Seasoned fries, topped with our bacon cheddar potatoes, topped with sour cream, green onions, and more bacon”


Menu Description: “Cheese fries with bacon and scallions”

The Liquor Store

Menu description: “Fries, cheese sauce, applewood smoked blue cheese, and scallions” 

Local On The Square

Menu Description “Steak fries, blue cheese, bacon”

RP Tracks

Menu Description: “Melted Cheddar-Jack cheese over our seasoned waffle fries with homemade bacon bits”

Slider Inn

Menu Description: “Shoestring fries w/ world famous Bourbon Mayo + cheese”

Young Ave. Deli

Menu Description “Fresh homemade French fries…[with cheese]” 

The Fine Print

Huge, huge thanks to Meghan Stuthard for providing her giant list of excellent Memphis cheese fries, taste-tested and approved, that she painstakingly compiled over several years of strenuous effort.

Shoutout to the marketing team at the Orpheum, who had this genius-level idea to combine some of our favorite things: cheese fries and musicals.
There’s a write in option in the voting so if your favorite wasn’t in this contest, they’ll be noted for any future cheese fry content.

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