Memphis Showboats USFL Team Is Coming Back To Town

2023 schedule

The Memphis Showboats are one step closer to their Memphis return with the release of their 2023 schedule. The Showboats kick off the season at home (Simmons Bank Liberty Stadium) on Saturday, April 15th, at 4:30 p.m. against Philly. You can catch the team during any one of their six home games between April and June. We're also begging you to watch their SpongeBob inspired schedule release video.



Minor League Football Team To Launch In Memphis

This week, the United States Football League announced that Memphis will be home to another minor league pro sports team—this time they’re bringing back the Memphis Showboats brand! Their logo is a supersonic showboat speeding through what might as well be outer space. The boat itself looks like it could cut a man. It's wild!

I love it. I think it’s fun and is as threatening as you can make a riverboat look.

Fun minor league mascots with wacky logos are great.

About The Memphis Showboats

The Memphis Showboats will play starting in April 2023 with home games at the Liberty Bowl and about ten games total. Sorry, I mean the Simmons Bank Liberty Stadium. The league has eight teams. The coach, Todd Haley has coached in the NFL. Tickets are not on sale yet. Brady White might play for them next season. Maybe.

USFL teams don’t all have their own stadiums, so the Houston Gamblers (gambling and riverboats, eh?) will also use the Liberty Bowl as their “home” arena.

In the eighties, the original version of the United States Football League had a Memphis team, also called the Showboats. So it’s a throwback.

vintage memphis showboats logo

This anthropomorphized steamboat logo used in the 1980s is also giving "aggressive, but still a boat, and going so fast the stacks (smokestacks) are flapping behind him like those flailing / dancing air tube guys".

I found this at

Go Showboats!

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Robert Williams

Let go Showboat, make it rock let those Smokestack do what it do!!!

November 29, 2022 3:21am