Memphis Music Feature: Parks David

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Park David

Today’s interview is with Parks David, Memphis musician.


“The Q Tape is a project where I leaned heavy on the Memphis experience, with influences ranging from Isaac Hayes to Juicy J.” - Parks David,  on his latest project, The Q Tape

MH: What about Memphis inspires you creatively?
Parks David: Authenticity. There’s nothing fake about it. When I'm creating, I feel the same way. I want to be as honest as possible with myself and the world. I believe that's how you make art that resonates.
MH: What do you love about the current Memphis music scene? 
Parks David:
I have been a fan of MonoNeon since he was like 12. He's such a prodigy, so I'm tuned in to what he is doing. Kam Whalum, my frequent collaborator Ryan Peel, and anything that Tres Hinds produces
MH: Which place gives you that Memphis vibe?
Parks David: I've been a huge Memphis Tigers fan since birth. Anytime I can go to the Forum and check them out, I go. I absolutely love Memphis BBQ. I can’t eat BBQ anywhere else in the world. It's just not the same. Soul Fish also is fire.
MH: Can you give advice for a young artist getting started?
Parks David: Learn to not care what people think. The less you worry about others’ opinions, the closer you get to creative freedom. Be yourself. Be confident in exactly who YOU are. Define who you are on your terms.
MH: Do you have a quick story that changed you as an artist, a moment in time that moved the needle for you? Or a quick story on a mentor?
Parks David:
Playing bass on a Grammy winning song was pretty big. This is something that you dream about. I had a lot of great mentors that helped me along the way. Big shout out to Jeff Huddleston, Neal Bowen, Gerard Harris, Tim Goodwin, and anyone that invested time or energy.
MH: What is the most unexpected music interest you have?
Parks David: I’m into EVERYTHING! I go through phases though.  The weirdest thing I have in my playlist is probably Aquarium Rescue Unit, an alt-fusion group from the 90s. I’m into 90s pop punk, too. As long as you have great bass playing, I’ll listen.
MH:  Tell me about a hobby or passion you have that is completely unrelated to music, how you got into it, what you love about it. Is there a way to relate it back to your love/passion for music?
Parks David: Graphic design. I care deeply about logos, fonts, aesthetic, appearance, you name it. I took a class at [The University of Memphis] years ago and fell in love with the artform. This love has allowed me to create great designs not just just for myself, but for others.  I created all the art, videos, promo, and even edited the short film for “The Q Tape.” It allows me to express my full creative vision.
MH: Where can we hear you?
Parks David: The Q Tape is a project where I leaned heavy on the Memphis experience, with influences ranging from Isaac Hayes to Juicy J. You can view the 12-minute video on YouTube or visit DistroKid to access my Spotify, Tidal or Apple Music, where you can stream the soundtrack.

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