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blvck hippie

Today’s interview is with Josh Shaw of BLVCK HIPPIE, Memphis musician.

“I love classical music, I started learning music on piano and was classically trained. I taught myself Beethoven off the LCD screen on my keyboard before I could read music.” - Josh Shaw of BLVCK Hippie on his love of classical music

Look out for Blvck Hippie show dates this summer, and follow them on social media so you don’t miss out - @blvckhippie901 on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
MH: What about Memphis inspires you creatively?
Josh Shaw: Stax Records
MH: What do you love about the current Memphis music scene? 
Josh Shaw: Crockett Hall and Don Lifted
MH: Which place gives you that Memphis vibe?
Josh Shaw: Brooks Art Museum, Pho Binh, and any dive bar in Midtown - shoutout Zinnies, Lamplighter, P&H
MH: Can you give advice for a  young artist getting started?
Josh Shaw:  Play as much as you can starting off so you can perfect your stage presence and learn who you are as a performer. Practice brings comfort, which brings the freedom to be yourself on stage. If you need help getting started playing shows, start at open mics and build connections there, the rest will follow.
MH: Do you have a quick story that changed you as an artist, a moment in time that moved the needle for you? Or a quick story on a mentor?
Josh Shaw:  My first Memphis show pushed me to come back here after college. I got connected with some people when I was still a senior in college in Jackson, TN. I came down the Tuesday before Thanksgiving 2016 and I got to play with Crockett Hall at the The Buccaneer. I was super nervous and in awe with how good he was and it pushed me to be grittier with my music, and to come back to Memphis to pursue music here. I got to record our two most recent singles with Crockett Hall at Sun Studio which has really got the ball rolling for Blvck Hippie. It was amazing to get to do that with the person who inspired me from the get go.
MH: What is the most unexpected music interest you have?
Josh Shaw:  I love classical music, I started learning music on piano and was classically trained. I taught myself Beethoven off the LCD screen on my keyboard before I could read music. I even took a semester of composition in college.
MH: Tell me about a hobby or passion you have that is completely unrelated to music, how you got into it, what you love about it. Is there a way to relate it back to your love/passion for music?
Josh Shaw: Basketball. I’ve been playing basketball since I was 13 and I feel like it taught me a lot about hard work and that if I want something I have to put my all into it and study every facet of it. In college I brought the lessons I learned from basketball to my approach towards  music. I still play ball with my dad every week and use the ideas I learned from the game to keep persevering with my music. 
MH: Where can we hear you?
Josh Shaw: We are releasing our debut LP in September, you can listen on Spotify, Bandcamp, or any streaming site. Our most recent release was the Bunkbed Music Video which you can view on Youtube. We have some out of town shows coming up this summer including a July 23rd show in Kansas City - the home of our record label, and an August 20-21st festival, PossumStock in Ashland City. We will follow up with an Eastern Tour in October/November.

Spotify, Bandcamp

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Carol Hall

Inspiring interview.  Ipray all the best for you Josh...Love, Carol Hall, a longtime, family friend.


June 18, 2021 2:19pm