Memphis Music Feature: Franceschi

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Memphis Music Feature: Franceschi

Today’s interview is with Franceschi, Memphis hip hop artist.


“[Music] helped me decide what I wanted my life to look like. It allowed me the freedom and permission to create, explore and dream.” -Franceschi

MH: What about Memphis inspires you creatively?
Franceschi: What inspires me about Memphis is the culture, resilience and growth of the people as well as the city. Memphis has a number of untold stories that are directly tied to the legacy of the city. 
MH: What do you love about the current Memphis music scene? 
Franceschi: What I love most about the current music scene is the fact that Memphis hip hop is now at the forefront and is being recognized on a global scale. Over the past two years, 30 songs by seven artists from Memphis have graced the Billboard Top 100 list. At this point Memphis now has the world's eyes and ears wide open. We should celebrate and continue to support artists such as Yo gotti, MoneyBagg Yo, Pooh Sheisty, NLE Choppa, Young Dolph, Black Youngsta and Duke Duce on their success.  
MH: Which place gives you that Memphis vibe?
Franceschi: For me, it’s the grind. Memphis has that entrepreneur spirit so no matter where you go, you can get some good food from local people. So when I'm home, I love to hit up a Grizzlies or Tigers game and support small businesses like Muggins Coffee, Wing Guru, Waffle Cream, Chef Tams, Burgerim, Cheesecake Corner, Smooth Living, Philip Ashley’s, Cupcake Cutie, etc.
MH: Can you give advice for a  young artist getting started?
Franceschi: My advice would be to surround yourself with like minded people. Learn the business, be solution oriented and go after what you want. The road isn't easy but it's well worth it.
MH: Do you have a quick story that changed you as an artist, a moment in time that moved the needle for you?
Franceschi: I credit music for saving my life. Not only was it my outlet, it allowed me to express myself in a creative and no destructive way. It helped me decide what I wanted my life to look like. It allowed me the freedom and permission to create, explore and dream. Moments that stand out to me the most are times when I had the opportunity to fly across the country and work with other artists like myself. These are moments that made all of the sacrificing worth it.
MH: Where can we hear you?
Franceschi: Follow me @iamfranceschi on all social media platforms.

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