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singer Dottie smiling, sitting with knees up, in a sequined jacket and curlers in her hair

Today’s interview is with Dottie, Memphis singer-songwriter.

“We [Memphis music artists] are from a small town but we possess big talent. That has been beautiful to watch and be a part of.” - Dottie

MH: In one word or phrase, what about Memphis inspires you creatively?

Dottie: Memphis’s deeply rooted history in music is a constant driving force behind my creativity.

MH: What stands out to you about the Memphis music scene? 

Dottie: What I love about the current music scene in Memphis is how we continue to break the mold. I believe we are all ready to show the world what we have to offer on a grand scale. We are from a small town, but we possess big talent. That has been beautiful to watch and be a part of.

 MH: Which place gives you that Memphis vibe?

Dottie: Home to me is a pulled chicken sandwich with slaw on top from Corky's and a Junt-Year-Round beer from Memphis Made Brewing. I love the smell of bbq in the air, southern hospitality, and music blasting from a live band or local radio station—from the back of a beautiful Cadillac riding down Main Street. Now, that’s home to me.

MH: Can you give advice for a young artist getting started? 

Dottie: Study your craft and all the greats before you. Be very knowledgeable on the business aspect of the music business. That part may not be fun, but it’s definitely worth it. Lastly, stay focused and run your own race. 

MH: Do you have a quick story that changed you as an artist, a moment in time that moved the needle for you? 

Dottie: I was home on a two week break from touring with Ella Mai in Europe. I spent the whole two weeks caring for my ailing mother. On the day of my departure as I was walking out of the door, my mother began to pass away. I came back in, frantic, but sure that this was “the moment”. I walked back in and held my mothers hand as she transitioned from this life.

At that moment my world changed, as you could imagine. I thought I never wanted to sing again. I felt my voice had left with my mother. A year later, that pivotal moment is what pushed me to work even harder towards my goals. After losing your mom, you have a level of fearlessness that comes over you. It’s a defining moment I believe as artists we should all have. Of course I don’t mean the trauma of losing a parent, but a moment in time where you’re faced with adversity and it pushes you to make a life changing decision to give up or keep going. Thankfully, through counseling, lots of prayer, and the inherited strength from my mother, I got back up to sing another day and on to make my dreams a reality. 

MH: Where can we hear you?

Dottie: I just released a single I wrote called “Switching Vibes”. It’s a song about liking someone, but they switch up the vibes in the middle of having fun. We can all relate to that. I’m currently working on my upcoming untitled EP scheduled for release this summer.

I’m excited to finally release a project after backing up so many singers we know and love. Finding myself in music has been fun and I can’t wait to share the journey. You can find my latest single “Switching Vibes” and all my other music on your favorite streaming app or any digital platform.

Check out Dottie's website here with links to her music and follow her on Instagram to stay updated! 

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This is amazing!!! I can’t think of a better artist to be featured on this blog. Dottie is an amazing singer/songwriter and one of this most humblest people I have ever met. It has been great to watch her climb her way back to the top and I look forward to seeing her shine even brighter in the future. Keep your eyes open for this one because she’s definitely going to do great things.

March 12, 2021 6:40pm