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Today’s interview is with Adajyo, Memphis musicians.

“Be authentic to yourself. Try not to doubt what your uniqueness is.”- Adajyo

The ladies of Adajyo love Hueys, Yo Gotti, and you can make an amazing playlist curated by their answer to what Memphis musicians they like to listen to! 
MH: What about Memphis inspires you creatively? 
Adajyo: Culture & Soul and knowing that so many great artists come from Memphis
MH: Who in Memphis do you love to listen to?
Adajyo: We love to listen to Memphis! Too many to mention! New Genesis, Black Cream. The PRVLG, Al Green, Kenneth Whalum, Preauxx, Maurice White, 3 6 Mafia, GOTTI! We love you, Gotti! Us!!!  [Adajyo]!! MonoNeon is doing great things! Billy Rivers–– we started in gospel. 
MH: Which place gives you that Memphis vibe?
Adajyo: We love Hueys, and anything Beale Street- there’s nothing like Beale in the world. We love the water here! The people as a whole in Memphis are special, different than a lot of other places! The Southern Heritage Classic is one of our favorites.
MH: Can you give advice for a  young artist getting started?
Adajyo: Be authentic to yourself. Try not to doubt what your uniqueness is, because that is normaly what people like about you because you have something that is special to you!
MH: Do you have a quick story that changed you as an artist, a moment in time that moved the needle for you? Or a quick story on a mentor?
Adajyo: Shae Norman, the gospel artist, told us to rip the bandaid off. You know, start strong out the gate. Gary Goin recently gave us a talk in the studio basically just reiterating that we need to give it our all from the top to the bottom.
MH: Where can we hear you?
Adajyo:  We are currently working on new music, but we do have our single “Forward” out on all of our platforms. Follow us on Instagram!

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