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This month's feature 1Professor, a longtime DJ turned performer three years ago. He’s a melodic and abstract artist who recently released his third album The Journey. His latest country rap single "Pass Me By" demonstrates his range as a musician.

1Professor sings in music video

How long have you been performing and how did you get started? 

I’ve been performing for about 3 years now. But doing music for about 9 years I got my start at Lane College where I use to write songs in the dorm and was a well known DJ. 

How would you describe your style of music? 

I would describe my style of music as abstract, melodic, diverse and engaging. It really draws the audience in.

Is there a song of yours that is especially special to you and why? 

Yes! My song “Rock” or the radio version “My Rock” because of how it touches people in a positive way with a unique sound and was my first song to reach 100,000 streams as an independent artist. 

What about Memphis inspires you creatively? 

Living here in Memphis presents challenges and obstacles. It has built character, creativity, and enabled me to thrive and be more open minded. The people here are very unique and it’s no secret that Memphians have no lack in expression. So it all plays a part in me consistently working to perfect my craft.

What do you love about the current Memphis music scene? 

The love shown especially when locked in with one another. There's a lot more talent now with more creativity and sounds than ever.

Which place gives you that Memphis vibe?

Me being from here everything thats a landmark stands out so much it’s all just Memphis to me. I’m not the type to get out much but if I HAD to choose I’d say downtown/Beale street is a vibe. 

Do you have a story that changed you as an artist, a moment in time that moved the needle for you?

Realizing what type of man I wanted to be and what life I want to provide for my family and people i can bless on and after my journey is what made me move the needle and decide to take it to the highest level and continue to work. 

What is the most unexpected music interest you have?

I have always liked that Motown sound specifically “The Temptations”. I don’t know why exactly but I feel like people wouldn’t expect that from me.

1professor sings during live performance at Black Lodge
Courtesy of 1Professor

Where can we hear you?

I can be heard on all (DSP’s) Digital Service Providers such as Spotify, Apple Music, ITunes, YouTube etc. My Instagram also has exclusive Music and snippets @1Professor.

What are you working on currently or any recent projects?

I recently released my 3rd Album called “The Journey” along with my first country rap single “Pass Me By” on all musical platforms. I am currently working on a project that will be available on YouTube only for my supporters at no cost. We also have many more visuals on the way.

Anything else you want to add?

Yes all my music is under my name (1Professor) but my first album “Melodic trap” is under (Professor) and can be difficult to find. I would invite people to go to my linktree in my Instagram bio to get direct access to that first amazing project featuring rising song “Rock”! 

Be sure to check out 1Professor's YouTube page for more too!

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