Memphis Dining Week Is August 17-22: Eat Local, Give Back

The first-ever Memphis Dining Week is August 17 - 22, 2021, and every time you eat out that week you'll also help feed your fellow Memphians. 

Check out the menus on the website, and then make your reservations! Be sure to ask for 'Memphis Dining Week' when you make the reservation. 

Twelve local restaurants across the city will participate in the inaugural Memphis Dining Week. Enjoy three-course meals with special menus with prices ranging from $35 to $45 per meal. Restaurants will donate $1 from every tab to Refuge Memphis, a local nonprofit supporting people in need of food and shelter. The price points do not include tax, tip, or beverages. A twenty percent gratuity will be automatically added to each tab, so keep that in mind.

Hands reaching for food on a table
Craig Thompson

Organized by City Tasting Tours owner Cristina McCarter, Memphis Dining Week features restaurants from a few different Memphis neighborhoods, including downtown, midtown, East Memphis, and Cordova. Give @memphisdiningweek a follow on Instagram for more info.

Make Reservations For Memphis Dining Week

Reservations open on Tuesday, July 20th. Contact individual restaurants by phone or their usual online booking methods to reserve your spot. Don’t forget to tell them that you’re booking for MDW when you make the reservation. Memphis Dining Week dates are August 17 - 22, 2021. 

logo for Memphis dining Week
Alex Shansky
Tamboli's in midtown is a participating restaurant.
Barware in downtown Memphis

Memphis Dining Week Participating Restaurants

Here’s a list of participating restaurants.

Share food pics, win prizes

During Memphis Dining Week, if you post your food pics from participating restaurants, use the #memphisdiningweek hashtag and tag @memphisdiningweek — you’ll be entered into a random drawing to win prize packs from I Love Memphis Blog (we have new t-shirts!), Old Dominick distillery (spirits!) and a $150 gift card from City Tasting Box. Read more about the contest here. 

Go There: 

Memphis Dining Week
Various Restaurants

August 17-22, 2021

meat and cheese board, board is shaped like a pig
Holly Whitfield
Meat and Cheese Board at Magnolia & May. Menu items for Memphis Dining Week will vary.
Lobster Pronto Pup from Rizzo's Diner | Justin Fox Burks
Lobster Pronto Pup From Rizzo's By Chef Michael Patrick

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