Meet the Memphis Zoo's Baby Animals

Squee Gallery: Meet the Zoo's Baby Animals

The Memphis Zoo has an adorable class of baby animals born every year, and have just announced a few newbies. Welcome Zito and Hinata!

baby animal at Zoo - image courtesy Memphis Zoo
Memphis Zoo
baby bongo
Memphis Zoo
Welcome, Zito!

The baby Bongo, an African antelope specie, was born in January 2022. Bongos live in the forest, have a striking striped coat, and are a critically endangered species.

From the Zoo: 

"The first animal born in 2022 was Zito, a baby male bongo. “Zito” means clumsy- which he very much is- or big- which once you see his ears, you’ll understand! Due to difficulties immediately following birth, Zito was bottle fed by his keepers for the first week to ensure his survival. After gaining strength and based on his mother’s behavior, he has been reintroduced to his mom and while he is nursing from her, staff will continue to supplement him as necessary.

Since these animals are critically endangered, Zito’s birth will help ensure genetic diversity within the zoo population of bongos. He will be an ambassador for his species to educate the public about his wild cousins who need our help. Mom and baby will be on exhibit with the rest of the herd in the next few weeks, weather dependent."

baby antelope at memphis zoo
Memphis Zoo
Welcome, Hinata!

The baby Dik-Dik—a tiny African antelope—was born just before the new year. Dik-Diks spend most of their time hidden in the brush, just chilling. They do not wish to be perceived!

From the Memphis Zoo: 

"[The baby dik-dik] was named Hinata (pronounced Hee-nuh-tuh) which means 'sunny place'. Our zookeepers lovingly refer to Hinata as Hina for short. Our Dik-Dik can be found in the Zambezi Hippo River Camp...since the Dik-Dik population in North American Zoos is quite small, Hina’s birth will help continue the persistence of the population. Hinata and her mom will not be on exhibit until we begin experiencing warmer weather in Memphis."

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