Your Only Chance to See the Raw and Moving Film About Mama's Sundry

Local filmmakers and co-directors, Brody Kuhar and Joshua Cannon, have captured the beautiful essence of Mama’s Sundry, a social enterprise based in South Memphis. 

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Described as “a collaborative movement fostering wellness and sustainability through education, service initiatives and a neighborhood garden that produces fresh fruit and vegetables within a community that's long been designated a food desert,” Mama’s Sundry works to continue a momentum of good in Memphis. 

The social enterprise was conceived by married Memphians, Bertram Williams Jr. and Talibah Safiya. Their mission is to offer sustainable, uplifting, and holistic goods and services to the community. And their outreach has exceeded Memphis’ borders. The short film captures every raw emotion and vulnerability that accompanies that purpose. 

Watch the official trailer here.

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“Talibah and Bertram have built a life on art, but are beginning the journey to bridge the gap between their art and living out tangible service to the community in South Memphis. Mama's Sundry is addressing challenges in South Memphis by exploring the role each of us plays in reducing the effects of climate change through growing food in city spaces that can not just sustain our needs, but the needs of those in our communities. To spend time with Talibah, Bertram, and the rest of the Mama's Sundry team is to see this work in action,” said Brody Kuhar.

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You’re invited to see a screening of the documentary, enjoy food, and take part in a discussion panel on February 22, 2024 at 6 p.m. at the Cossitt Library. The event called “From Soil to Soul” is completely free and delves into the discussion of how Soul Food influences southern cuisine. The amazing Chef Eli is cheffing up some delicious food for the evening. 

This is the public’s only chance (for a while) to see a screening of the film as it’s beginning its festival circuit. Huge congratulations to the team and superstars in the documentary, because it’s already made it into its first film festival, Beyond the Short. 

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Go There

Cossitt Library  
33 South Front St.


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